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Welcome to the fourth episode in our whiteboard video blogging series!  If you haven’t seen it yet, you might first want to check out our last episode which gives a quick overview of the Pure Storage FlashArray architecture, and traces how IOs enter and exit the FlashArray, and how deduplication, compression, and our unique flash management function.

In this episode I’ll give an overview of the FlashArray’s high availability and resiliency architecture, covering:

  • Redundant, hot-swap hardware design
  • Stateless controller and shared NV-RAM architecture
  • RAID-3D protection for drive loss
  • How the system manages controller and drive loss

Video should be embedded above, but if this isn’t supported on your reader, here’s the hard link:  Pure Storage Resiliency and High Availability

Previous whiteboard video blogs:

Enjoy, and feel free to suggest topics for future episodes in the comments.

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