Flash Recover, Powered by Cohesity

Pure FlashRecover™, Powered by Cohesity® is the industry’s first jointly engineered all-flash modern backup and recovery solution for rapid recovery, ransomware protection, and reuse of data. 

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Adaptation or Extinction. How’s Your Storage Vendor Doing?

Are legacy vendors adapting to the cloud environment, or are they trying to force you into infrastructure that looks like a flexible consumption model on the surface—but in reality retains the same issues of long-term commitments, unpredictable costs, and disruptive upgrades?

Pure Accelerates Hospital’s Recovery from Ransomware Attack

The knowledge and best practices gained through the ransomware recovery process and heightened awareness of Pure Storage snapshots on FlashArray gave the hospital’s IT managers assurance that the organization – together with Pure Support – can safeguard itself against the effects of similar cyber security breaches in the future.

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