Bikash Roy Choudhury

As a Technical Director for DevOps/EDA, Bikash Roy Choudhury is responsible for designing and architecting solutions to address customer business requirements in their transition to agile development and application workflows across industry verticals that include EDA/high tech, financial services, gaming, social media, and web-based development organizations. Bikash has also worked on validating solutions – with Red Hat OpenStack Platform (IaaS), Apprenda (PaaS), Kubernetes/Docker, Jenkins, JFrog Artifactory, Ansible, IBM Private Cloud (PaaS), and Perforce Helix – using RESTful APIs and integrating them with data platforms that provide persistent data storage in private, hybrid, and public clouds. With over 26 years of experience, Bikash has a deep understanding of workloads and workflows that have transitioned from spinning disks to flash over the years, via NFS/blocks and S3 object store, and of automation and data management strategies for end users and business owners.
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