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Jean-Luc Degrenand @jldegren

Jean-Luc Degrenand is the Storage Architect for Healthcare at pure Storage. His primary responsibility is overseeing, testing, designing,documenting, and demonstrating Healthcare Solutions integration with the Pure. Jean-Luc has been with Pure Storage since 2015 and has been working in vendor enterprise storage/Healthcare integration roles since 2004. Jean-Luc has over 25 years of experience with Storage Vendors and Operating Systems. During his Career with IBM, Amdhal, Sun Microsystems and Compaq, he worked in different role including development, test, integration and presale in France and since 1998 in the USA.

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FlashArray//X and Epic Workloads

For healthcare providers, applications that keep pace with the velocity of care are a must!  Storage latency is critical to performance and efficiency of mission critical healthcare applications. ...

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