The cost of infrastructure, in particular, storage, has been a major barrier for many organizations looking to enable a better, secure, and exceptional user experience with a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI).

When deciding whether to switch from traditional desktops to VDI or considering to add more users to an existing deployment, you want to have storage that is not only cost effective and resilient, but delivers the performance your VDI end-users demand. Additionally, you need to consider other aspects like end-user productivity, IT management needs, and even data center footprint costs.

If you’re exploring the idea of VDI or have struggled to get wider adoption of VDI, Pure Storage is here to help you on your journey to a successful VDI deployment. To start, we are excited to launch a TCO Calculator for those considering Pure Storage for VDI.

With this tool, we provide a recommended Pure Storage platform(s) along with an estimated TCO based on a select criteria including number of users. Let’s walk through the calculator…

  • To get started, provide your inputs in “User Details”
  • Select the “Term Length” of 3 years or 6 years which is a typical timeframe of when you would start to consider renewing, upgrading or purchasing new storage. With Pure, you will find that our Evergreen™ ownership model is uniquely differentiated and will allow you to upgrade without compromise.
  • Next choose your preference to optimize for lower cost or maximize rack unit density.
  • Finally, use the slider bar to select the number of users you plan to support with VDI over the “Term Length”.

The calculator will factor in your input to provide a recommended FlashArray model(s). Based on the suggested array for Knowledge Worker type workloads, you will get an idea of the configuration details which include the amount of available effective and raw storage; the number of rack units the recommended array will occupy; and an estimated capacity VDI will consume on the array. Your mileage may vary based on your unique environment, so our team is more than happy to work with you to arrive at a more precise storage configuration to address your needs.

You will also get an estimated annual TCO per user (the model assumes 40GB of storage per users, which includes OS apps and user data for knowledge workers). And a total estimated TCO based on the Term Length. What you can expect always is a consistent, sub-millisecond latency even during boot storms, recompose operations, etc. which means a superior experience for the end-users.

Join the many customers around the world, across industries, large and small, who are enjoying the benefits of Pure for their VDI environments. You can learn more about their stories here.

A couple of customer successes I’d like to highlight:

St. Luke’s Hospital in Duluth, MN, achieved a 234% ROI with a payback period of 3 months for their Pure investment to support its Citrix XenDesktop initial deployment for 1700 users. Check out the Forrester Total Economic Impact study.

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, with approximately 15,000 students, transitioned to Pure to drastically increase performance of their VMware Horizon desktops for their faculty and staff. They were able to reduce their data center footprint with the entry level 3U FlashArray//M10 and achieve a 19:1 data reduction rate, which doesn’t include snapshots or thin provisioning, enabling them to stretch their storage a lot further.

Whether it’s Citrix XenDesktop or VMware Horizon, Pure is able to deliver that superior, consistent experience for the end-user, management simplicity for IT, and overall lower cost for the business. Additionally, a common scenario we’ve seen from many customers is that they are able to run other mission critical applications on the same array as their VDI users without compromise. This is primarily due to our superior data reducing techniques and all flash performance.

Need more validation? In the latest IDC Marketscape: Worldwide All-Flash Array 2017 Vendor Assessment, Pure Storage was named a Leader for the second year in a market that has grown and matured significantly. Check out the highlights in this blog post.

So, why not get your VDI project on Pure right away? Contact us today!