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Yifeng Jiang is a APJ Principal Solutions Architect for Data Science at Pure Storage. Yifeng has more than 12 years experience in data arena. As a trusted advisor, he has been working for large enterprises, web-scale customers and partners to build big data and machine learning solutions, on premise and the cloud. Before Pure Storage, Yifeng has been working at Hortonworks as a Principal and Lead Solutions Engineer, Amazon Web Services as a Solutions Architect, and internet companies including Yahoo Japan and Rakuten as a Software and Platform Engineer. Yifeng is the author of the HBase Administration Cookbook. Yifeng holds two Bachelor degrees from University of Science and Technology of China: Information Management and Information System degree, and Computer Science and Technology degree.
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FlashBlade パフォーマンス分析 UI

FlashBlade でシンプルに!ビッグデータ& AI ー リアルタイムなデータ取得とデータ処理

前回のブログでは、「愛犬家のための画像認識 AI」を例に取り、FlashBlade で構築するデータハブによってビッグデータ分析と AI をシンプルにするメリットをご紹介しました。今回は、コードサンプルと UI 画面のスクリーンショットを交え、FlashBlade によっていかに簡単に AI パイプラインを構築できるかをご説明します。

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