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What is AIRI//S? Artificial intelligence (AI) is exploding and organizations want to know more than ever what it can do for them, how to use it, and how to be ready. Discover articles explaining the potential for AI—from practical AI and AIOps to generative AI, deep learning, and neural networks—and what it will mean for modern business. To embrace these new technologies, innovators need AI-ready infrastructure (AIRI) that’s simple, scalable, and easy to use.

The Pure Blog features articles from thought leaders in data science and development uncovering trends in AI and machine learning and how to address data challenges associated with these advanced applications such as large language models (LLMs) and deep learning. From practical guides to mapping data warehouses and building AI pipelines to trending topics and explainer videos, begin your AI journey here.

AIRI//S™ simplifies AI deployment, scaling quickly and easily to keep your data teams focused on delivering valuable insights, instead of managing IT. AIRI//S can be set up, deployed, and managed quickly as an end-to-end AI pipeline solution. AIRI//S non-disruptively scales AI storage and compute performance.

Start your AI journey at any scale and grow as your needs evolve with Pure Storage and AIRI//S.