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Ramnath leads the Product Marketing for AI and Deep Learning at Pure. Previously, he worked as a Marketing Manager at Mellanox Technologies, leading the market development activities for "ABC" - AI, BigData & Cloud. Before that, he was the RDMA Solutions Evangelist and led Cloud & Big Data strategy at Emulex. Prior to joining Emulex, he worked in two of the most prestigious research labs in Europe - Brain Mind Institute at EPFL, Switzerland and Barcelona Supercomputing Center in Spain. He has 15+ publications in leading conference and journals.

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주식시장의 리스크를 예측하는 은행, 사용자 맞춤형 쇼핑 경험을 제공하는 온라인 기업 등 오늘날의 비즈니스에서 데이터 처리 및 분석의 가치는...

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