Accelerate main stageWelcome to the Modern Data Experience. No matter your industry, your organization has tons of data. But how much of it can you access and use? The amount of data you have is ever-increasing. The need to manage data—and the opportunities to gain benefits—are growing exponentially.

Modern Data on the Main Stage

Pure CEO Charlie Giancarlo kicked off the opening keynote by celebrating the first 10 years of Pure Storage. “A decade is a wonderful thing,” he said. “It takes ten years to become an overnight success.” He outlined some of the industry-impacting innovations with which he has been involved (you’ve heard of wireless, right?) and those that Pure has delivered, from non-disruptive upgrades to AI-driven operations and always-on encryption.

But his real focus today is the future and the modern data experience. You don’t have to take it from me, here’s his section of this morning’s keynote.

Check out more from Charlie in his post, Pure’s Focus for the Next Decade.

The balance of the keynote included a great lineup of Pure execs and customers talking about the benefits of working with Pure. Check out the announcements below.

Information technology isn’t all about bits, bytes, and dollars. Ludwig Gamache, IT director for Element AI talked not only about artificial intelligence but about using data for the greater good. As an example, he mentioned a project that the company did in partnership with Amnesty International to study harassment against women on Twitter. The results of the crowdsourced study were sobering, to say the least.

More than Just Announcements

VP and Chief Architect Rob Lee

VP & Chief Architect Rob Lee

I’ve been in this industry for ah, well, several years. And most often, what I hear on event stages is future-think, and future tech. I’m all for looking into the future. But when you tell me about new products, the first thing I want to know is: When can I have it?!

It’s one thing to talk about neat stuff on the horizon, but it’s another to deliver it—today. Pure’s announcements aren’t just a preview of tech to come. Most of what we shared today is already generally available (GA). From Pure as-a-Service to FlashArray//C, there are plenty of opportunities to build new technology into your organization’s modern data experience. Learn more in these posts from my colleagues:

Are You Ready for the Next 10x?
Over the last 10 years, Pure has delivered a 10x increase in performance, a 10x reduction in size and 10X reduction in power and cooling requirements for enterprise storage. Improvement at a scale of 10x is huge in any technology segment. Storage is no exception. Prakash Darji shares announcements including:

    • FlashArray//C, the industry’s first capacity-optimized all-flash array and the newest addition to the FlashArray™ family.
    • DirectMemory technology that will boost the performance of Pure FlashArray//X by 10x—reducing latency from 1 millisecond to 100 microseconds.

Industrial Strength-Block Storage on AWS Cloud
The goal of Pure’s cloud data services solutions is to help you eliminate barriers between on-premises and public-cloud environments and simplify hybrid cloud. Shilpi Srivastava outlines the next phase of Pure’s cloud data services, including Pure Cloud Block Store™ for AWS and Purity CloudSnap™ for Microsoft Azure.

The Meaning of “Safe” Has Changed. A Lot.
Hear from Pure CMO Robson Grieve about how we deliver a modern data experience. Unlike legacy infrastructure vendors, Pure’s as-a-service approach enables you to get more from your data – with less complexity and expense in managing the infrastructure.

Wednesday’s Keynote

The Pure team had enough mainstage time on Tuesday. The Wednesday lineup provides some great world perspective from people beyond the world of IT. (In fact, beyond Earth itself.) Unlike in high school, I’ll be up at the front of the room and taking notes.

  • Leland Melvin, an engineer who just happens to be a former NASA astronaut and an NFL player. Leland served aboard Space Shuttle Atlantis, helping construct the International Space Station. He’s is the only person in human history to both catch an NFL pass and walk in space. Leland will examine his life through the prism of success and achievement. How did he succeed where he rightly should have failed? Leland will not only recount his path with honesty and curiosity, but will mine the latest thinking by researchers, authors, and academics.
  • James Governor, co-founder of RedMonk, champions developers as key influencers in tech. As an ex-journalist, he steered teams through the weekly publication grind. Today he’s all about looking ahead. Much like Andreesen’s pivotal “Software Is Eating the World” essay, James will talk about how storage is central to digital transformation. He’ll address storage, cloud services, the importance of simplicity, and the role of IT going forward. Along the way he’ll talk about VMware, hybrid, plus specialization and certification.

Tuesday’s Quotes of the Day

VP Amy Fowler

Pure VP Amy Fowler

“My name is Isaiah, and I’m a cloud-aholic.”
Isaiah Weiner, principal technologist, Amazon Web Services

“Never let a good crisis go to waste. Look at it as an opportunity.”
Rene Lopez, managing director of infrastructure, Delta Airlines

“The traditional enterprise environment hasn’t been very cloudy and cloud hasn’t been very enterprise-y.”
Rob Lee, vice president and chief technologist, Pure Storage

Today’s Modern Data Experience Press Releases