Our guests are Isaiah and John. Isaiah is a Senior Manager in Solutions Architecture and John is the Director of Strategic Alliances with the SAP team at Pure Storage.

Here’s what they had to say: 

Accelerate Q&A

Q:  Tell us about a big project that Pure and SAP have been involved in that you are proud of. What were the outcomes?

John: City of Sacramento POC on traffic patterns comes to mind. We were able to remove 40% of the rush hour congestion using HANA with Leonardo to reorder the traffic lights on the fly. I don’t know about you, but I want that in my city.

Q:  Data and what businesses can do with it is clearly a big theme both in industry and at Accelerate. What leading indicators for change in the data space are you seeing in your business?

ISAIAH: We are still very much in the early innings of cloud computing, customers are all along in the spectrum in their cloud journey and AWS is very focused on helping our customers achieve their desired results from their data strategy. Conversations about data strategies still are very much focused on tools, big data, and the technological advancements that will make storing, processing, and analysing data faster and cheaper.

JOHN: IOT solutions are driving huge amounts of data, where are how to store and manage that data depends on application need and bandwidth, this is where we believe the hybrid cloud could help.

Q:  If you were a strategist for an SI thinking about new Services offerings for next year, what would you invest in?

JOHN: Machine learning, it is the future, from self-driving cars to automated factory floors to traveling to Mars, the ability of technology to adapt on the fly and learn is key.

ISAIAH: I will go back to our leadership principle of Customer Obsession, listen to your customers and focus on solving your customer’s problems, it might be migrating their data to the cloud, it may be deriving intelligence from their existing data so they can do what they do more efficiently.

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