One of the nice things about having everything on-demand for a virtual event is that you don’t have to carry a coin. With everything online, you don’t have to flip a coin to decide which session to attend when sessions overlap. Even better you don’t have to traverse a giant convention center between sessions to get from the Grand Ballroom to the Squirrel Theater on the far side of the building—or across the street. 

Virtual events have upsides and downsides. You can’t tweet to brag about exceeding your record for daily steps. But you also won’t experience the feedback from your feet that often comes with reaching that milestone. 

On the positive side, you can take the time you need to focus on the topics most important to your business and your career. You can come back another day to watch more—or share sessions with colleagues to help them get new insight. 

Here’s our Chief Operating Officer Paul Mountford to get you started:

We’ve posted all 30+ sessions from Pure//Accelerate Digital online. You’re in the driver’s seat. To better work with the virtual format, we’ve kept the sessions short and sweet. They’re all under 15 minutes, which keeps the content focused and lets you get what you need and move on. Just scan the QR codes from the video to learn more about the topic in each session. 

Accelerate 2020 Sessions Deep Dive

Keynotes: Check out the “Un-keynote” experience from our executive team. Select the topics and products more relevant to your business and listen in. Get the big picture perspective from CEO Charlie Giancarlo. Watch Keynotes

Highlights: If you like your pizza with all the toppings, check out the variety of content in our Highlights playlist. (Pineapple not included.) Watch Highlights

Applications: This is the set to watch if you’re seeking always-on, always-fast, always easy-to-manage data-management solutions for your mission-critical applications and databases. Drive productivity and operational efficiencies—and help eliminate under-performing workloads, costly downtime, slow response times, and complexity. Find out how to operate under budget and how Pure makes it easier than ever to connect your workloads to the cloud. Go to Applications Sessions

Analytics: Is your ability to deliver insights hampered by your need to collect and move data between ineffective data silos? Pure accelerates modern analytics and AI workloads, delivering powerful scale-out storage that delivers insights in real-time. Find out how to give data scientists tools to analyze more log analytics and data warehouse data, faster. Go to Analytics Sessions

Cloud: Getting to a hybrid or multicloud environment can be challenging, but you can simplify the journey with the right infrastructure. Implement solutions with cloud economics and mobility, whether private, hybrid, or cloud-native. Pure unifies cloud to deliver effortless, private and public-cloud data and app mobility so you can run applications anywhere. Go to Cloud Sessions

Data Protection: Did you know: 90% of companies report that they’re not confident in their current data protection strategy, especially when it comes to ransomware. Pure helps you tackle the biggest data-protection challenges you face, including ransomware and disaster recovery. Reduce risks to data availability and prevent disruption of business operations. Go to Data Protection Sessions

Basecamp: Basecamp is designed to unveil the latest innovations and technologies to move your business forward with success and velocity. Discover the latest data-management solutions that deliver the value of data consistently, quickly, and to every application and user that needs it, enabling confidence and heroism. Go to Basecamp Sessions

If you’re like me, you are missing the annual reunion time with your fellow attendees. We hope to see you in person again soon. In the meantime, log in, watch our team, follow our blog, and stay safe.