With all the dramatic changes shaping the automotive industry, this year’s AutoTech: DETROIT 2023, June 7-8, should be an exciting one. Pure Storage is a sponsor and we look forward to talking to the technologists driving industry change and discussing how Pure can help them. Visit us at booth 520. We’ll have a lot of expertise on hand to discuss IT transformation. If you’d like to schedule a meeting with us, please fill out this form and we’ll set up a time. 

Legacy automakers are often saddled with a great deal of technical debt, which is not surprising considering they have IT departments that go back 60 years or more to the days of IBM mainframes. In fact, one of the first effective operating systems for the early IBM 700 series was developed by General Motors Research Laboratories and referred to as GM-NAA I/O. There is also a history of monolithic data architectures, usually built around massive databases such as Oracle or IBM DB2. 

Automakers have long been at the forefront of new technologies, but the escalating pace of change in computing has led to some added pressure and the need to move even faster. Competition is fierce and innovation is happening everywhere.   

Pure is a data storage and software supplier to many major automakers globally who have turned to Pure to help them with critical use cases. Let’s look at a few of the ways Pure is helping automakers. 

World-class Manufacturing 

The manufacturing floor is the beating heart of any automaker or parts supplier. Reliability is key as production line downtime can easily cost $1 million per minute or more. 

This is why the proven system reliability of 99.9999% across the fleet of Pure FlashArray™ systems resonates with automakers. Pure users are able to upgrade array software and hardware non-disruptively and without downtime, so manufacturing lines can run continuously. This is why a large automotive OEM is deploying FlashArray globally to all of its manufacturing facilities. The OEM also subjected the array to multiple stress tests, such as pulling out components, which it successfully passed without any service interruption.    

Flexible Purchasing Options 

Financial engineering can be just as important as automotive engineering when it comes to revenue and earnings. Pure offers a range of flexible purchasing options, from traditional CAPEX to a full subscription-based model. Pure is participating in a panel discussion at AutoTech called “Moving Towards a Subscription Service Model,” which takes place Wednesday, June 7, from 2:45 pm to 3:30 pm. Recurring revenue via subscription models is a hot topic in the auto industry. As an innovator of subscription-based models for enterprise storage, Pure understands the needs of automakers and the importance of financial flexibility. 

Cloud-native Transformation 

Software differentiation will be key to the future of automakers, and moving to a container-based development model is essential. No other method delivers the flexibility and speed of feature delivery. But Kubernetes is still not a familiar platform for many IT departments. Legacy management and data protection methods won’t work for microservice-based apps.     

Fortunately, Portworx® provides a Kubernetes data platform that greatly simplifies storage management for containers, helping out your IT team who may not have the depth of experience needed. Even better, Portworx makes your developers more productive, because it allows them to directly access storage resources via code. This means faster software iterations and faster feature delivery. 

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Those are just a few of the ways Pure is helping automakers modernize. For a deeper dive, watch our video, “Pure Storage Automotive Point of View.” You can also find more resources on our automotive industry page. See you at AutoTech: DETROIT!