This blog originally appeared in 2017. Get updates on Pure’s latest NPS Score.

Before I joined Pure, I had heard about the incredible relationship the company has with customers. This is one of the key reasons I signed on. I was eager to see those relationships in action.  Since my first day as CMO, I’ve had the opportunity to do just that. Through the stories of our customers on stage at Pure//Accelerate, testimonials about Pure’s amazing support teams and direct customer interactions, it’s clear to me that Pure has fostered an active partnership with each customer.  What is amazing to see is the customer response to the Pure experience. It’s off the charts. And, we’re grateful for those relationships.

Our new Satmetrix-certified Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 83.7 continues to reinforce the strength of that partnership. We believe NPS is an important metric because it goes beyond customer satisfaction. NPS evaluates customer advocacy represented by a customer’s likelihood to recommend a vendor. This year’s score, which is more than 60 points higher than the industry average, speaks volumes about Pure’s ability to meet customer needs.

To ensure that our score is truly an accurate reflection of customer sentiment, Pure has partnered with Satmetrix to conduct a third-party audit. As the company that pioneered NPS, Satmetrix has access to the world’s largest database of Net Promoter data and keeps results unbiased by recording responses to customer surveys without vendor editorial review. Satmetrix is the gold standard for NPS, and we’re proud that we’ve risen to the challenge.

Last year, we were thrilled with our score of 83.5 and even a slight 0.2 point increase is an improvement to be proud of. We’ve added more than 1,000 new customers in the last year. To maintain such a high NPS through that rate of growth is an incredible feat.

Said Satmetrix’s CEO, Richard Owen: “Pure Storage’s obtainment of an NPS of 83.7 is outstanding performance in terms of B2B and shows some ongoing improvement over last period results. Over 15 years, Satmetrix has been benchmarking NPS across multiple industries and geographies.  We have seen very few consumer companies achieve higher than 75 and virtually no B2B companies achieve that score. In Satmetrix’s opinion, Pure Storage can reasonably claim that they are in the top 1% of B2B companies in terms of NPS performance, even allowing for margins of error in any statistical significance.”

As we’ve grown, our commitment to our customers hasn’t changed and we’re delighted that they recognize this, too. We are continually inspired to evolve our products while keeping our customers top of mind every step along the way.