Pure Storage CEO Charlie Giancarlo

Pure Storage CEO Charlie Giancarlo

Flash Was Only the Beginning is the culmination of ten years of hard work. Work that started with the vision of making flash storage available to organizations everywhere. More than a recitation of the last decade, our history is an integral part of Pure Storage lore and culture. From the naming of the company (twice) to the color orange and the five values we’ve held as core to the company since the early days—this book details the very essence of the company I am honored to lead.

We’re fortunate to have so many long-serving employees at Pure. Paul Massiglia, the primary author of this book, is one of those people. As our 15th employee, he is one of the best people to share our history, having been front and center as it unfolded. He was here when we could hold a company meeting in a hallway. Some things have changed. Less than 10 years after our founding we are now over 3,000 employees.

I was drawn to Pure by the company’s vision and potential: the opportunity to continue to disrupt the storage market, to build more game-changing products, and to help build a multibillion-dollar, industry-leading public company.

Every day I realize how lucky I am to work with some of the brightest minds and most passionate individuals in the industry. I pass engineers in the hallways who were responsible for our very first product and collaborate on the incubation of new innovations to lead the next generation of computing.  I work with the most passionate sales, support, and marketing teams and regularly visit with highly enthusiastic partners and customers—customers who have conferred on Pure an almost unbelievable 86.6 Net Promoter Score.

This book is more than our history. It’s the story of technology and how we were founded on the principle of relentless and pervasive innovation. It’s the story of the thousands of customers who have believed in Pure since the beginning. And it’s the story of the people who work hard every day to make this the best technology company in the world. At Pure, these stories are absolutely intertwined.

Flash Was Only the Beginning Book Cover

Book Cover

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