Breakthrough Award Winner: Fiserv, Our Sustainability Award Winner

Global money mover Fiserv reduced its on-prem block storage rack space footprint by 75% within one year—minimizing its impact on the environment as part of a commitment to sustainability across its business.



Leading fintech and payments company Fiserv is consistently recognized by Fortune as one of the World’s Most Admired Companies—and for good reason. Trusted by consumers, financial institutions, and businesses of all sizes, Fiserv powers a vast range of financial transactions, from person-to-person money transfers to cross-border payments on behalf of major corporations. Fiserv reliably handles up to 25,000 financial transactions per second for 6 million global merchant locations and nearly 10,000 financial institution clients.

But moving money isn’t the only reason Fiserv stands out among its peers. The company champions corporate citizenship at the highest level, including a framework for sustainable business operations that helps Fiserv manage its impact on the environment. 

Investing in enhanced data center storage technology has yielded a 75% reduction in overall block storage rack space and 73% lower power and cooling costs. For this reason, Fiserv is the much-deserved recipient of this year’s Pure Good Sustainability Award.  

Packing a Performance Punch While Tracking to 50% Lower Emissions

In a world accustomed to anytime, anywhere access to money moverment—from purchasing groceries and paying bills to large-scale global commerce, Fiserv needs a technology foundation that is fast, secure, and highly available. As Vice President of the Distributed Infrastructure Group at Fiserv, Steve Allgeier is focused on delivering this foundation, and more. He places a high priority on solutions that will also enable the most sustainable results.

“In our business, performance, reliability, and security have long been considered table stakes, now, so is sustainability,” says Allgeier. “Our purchasing decisions take into account  all of these potential impacts across the board.”

To that end, Fiserv selected the Pure Storage platform to support its growing data environment. Pure Storage® FlashArray™ and FlashBlade® support mission-critical workloads and can scale seamlessly, while Portworx® supports a future containerization strategy.

The all-flash storage environment packs a performance punch, even as it delivers optimal efficiency. Fiserv replaced three full racks of legacy storage with just 5U of Pure Storage, resulting in space savings of 75%. 

“The unparallelled performance and reliability of Pure’s platform was convincing,” explains Allgeier, “and how it supported our sustainability initiatives really won over our team.” These sustainability goals include a 50% reduction in scope 1 and scope 2 greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. 

Responsible Stewards of the Environment

A smaller footprint reduces data center power and cooling emissions, as well as associated costs. With Pure Storage, Fiserv has lowered these costs by 73% compared to its previous storage vendor. These savings will be reinvested into the business to innovate for future needs.

The Pure Storage platform also helps to minimize e-waste. Fiserv can upgrade controllers without replacing entire arrays, thanks to an Evergreen//Forever™ subscription and the platform’s modular architecture. This enables Fiserv to upgrade seamlessly at any time, maintaining the performance and reliability required to power global financial transactions while reducing the need for frequent equipment purchases and disruptive data migrations. 

The strategic and responsible approach to technology investments taken by Fiserv is a shining example of how companies can be both innovative and accountable—to customers, shareholders, communities, and the world at large. Congratulations to Fiserv on being recognized with this year’s Pure Good Sustainability Award.

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