Getting goods from point A to B involves a complex set of systems and processes. Even a minor disruption can throw the supply chain into disarray, delaying the delivery of food, medication, building materials, and more. That’s why it’s so important to empower the global supply chain ecosystem—from freight forwarders to logistics providers and everyone in between—with breakthrough solutions.  

Enter Australia’s WiseTech Global. “Our goal is to help our customers embrace an end-to-end digital strategy to manage their logistics,” says Brett Shearer, the company’s Chief Technology Officer and Chief Architect. “We are trying to remove paper from the global transportation industry and increase the overall efficiency of moving goods around the world.” 

This is a change we can all get behind as global supply chain challenges continue to make headline news. The seamless flow of goods depends on the seamless flow of data. Pure Storage powers the performance and availability of this data, providing WiseTech customers with peace of mind and transparency across the global supply chain. That’s why WiseTech is the Pure Storage Breakthrough Awards Change Maker of the Year.  

Taking an Inventory on Storage

With a vision to be the operating system for global logistics, WiseTech has come a long way from its modest beginning in the basement of a Sydney suburb nearly 30 years ago. Today, WiseTech is considered the number one choice for the world’s largest logistics companies, boasting more than 18,000 customers, who, quite literally, move the world. 

Its flagship product, CargoWise, is a centralized platform for logistics operations. CargoWise gives customers real-time insights and control of their goods—whether they’re in the air or in the ocean, on the road or on the rails—from origin to destination.

 “Every day I wake up and want to go to work,” says Shearer, who has been with the company since its inception. “We have great people, great customers, and great technology.” 

Indeed, WiseTech is relentless about innovation. Over the past few years, it has invested AU$775 million in research and development, delivering more than 5,200 product enhancements to date. Consistent, annual growth prompted the shift to a virtualized environment, which required a flexible, scalable, and reliable storage foundation. 

In 2020, WiseTech replaced its previous storage infrastructure with Pure Storage® FlashArray//X™, FlashArray//C™, and FlashBlade®. Pure now supports all of WiseTech’s critical business needs, including virtual machines, transactional data, business analytics data, disaster recovery, and data protection services. WiseTech also runs Commvault on Pure at both the front and back ends to provide multiple avenues of fast recovery. 

“Pure provides highly performant, scalable, and secure enterprise-grade storage services across our data centers,” says Shearer. “It helps us ensure that our customers’ data is stored and managed efficiently and is always accessible and readily available.”

Innovation Without Restrictions

The ability to upgrade storage capacity non-disruptively with the Evergreen® subscription model was another deciding factor for Shearer, adding to the overall operational efficiency that WiseTech is realizing as it continues to grow. 

“With Pure, we can automate the provisioning, management, and monitoring of our shared storage for workloads,” says Shearer. “This has significantly reduced the time it takes to bring our products and services to production.” It has also cut power consumption in the data center.  

WiseTech’s customers benefit from the underlying storage support for WiseTech as it builds new functionalities, integrations, and capabilities into its award-winning CargoWise offering.  

Keeping a complex global supply chain in sync is no easy feat. But it’s one worth pursuing to keep the world fed, sheltered, and in good health. We congratulate WiseTech for winning this year’s Change Maker award and support your commitment to changing the world of logistics, one delivery at a time.