The combination of Cisco Intersight and Pure1 will provide next-generation support just as FlashStack is the next generation of Converged Infrastructure, enabling customers to focus on their business not their IT technology.

Design Goal #1: Simplicity

When Pure Storage set out to build its first product, management simplicity was our primary design goal. Storage technology had traditionally been a nightmare and was hard to manage, yet represented a critical component for all applications along with the infrastructure (such as FlashStack™) which powers apps. Pure solved that problem with an all-flash architecture, built from the ground up with simplicity in mind, which extended to our management capability.

When we launched Pure1®, we delivered a cloud-based management and support platform that transformed the storage experience. Now, with Pure1 Meta, we are using machine learning to deliver on our vision of self-driving storage.

Pure customers love the experience that they get with us (our latest certified Satmetrix NPS score of 83.7 is in top 1% of B2B) and Pure1 has been an essential ingredient to that recipe.

Partnering with Cisco to deliver the Best-In-Class Data Platform

“Pure Storage looks forward to creating enhanced customer and partner value with Cisco through the Intersight management and analytics platform,” said Matt Burr, VP Platforms, Pure Storage. “With the development of new connectors, integrations and insights gained from machine learning that enable faster, proactive operations, we look forward to continued collaborations with Cisco to deliver the best-in-class data platform for the cloud era.”

Infrastructure Management as a Cloud Service

When considering applications for the management of your infrastructure, management as a cloud service is a no-brainer. Nobody wants to carry the burden of maintaining a management application. Cisco and Pure worked together on FlashStack, a next generation consolidation platform for multi-cloud applications that not only simplifies converged systems, but enhances performance, resilience, and integration beyond day 1 deployment. With Cisco Intersight and Pure1, day-to-day management and support of customer systems will improve the lives of IT dramatically. Yes, we said improve your life, not simply make you more productive. How?

5 Ways Cisco Intersight and Pure1 with Meta Improve IT Productivity

  1. Remotely monitor and orchestrate deployment and upgrades of servers, networking and storage – far preferable to a trip into the office or logging on from home.
  2. Leverage device telemetry, proactive monitoring, notification of fixes and get remediation without lifting a finger. Proactive support from Pure Storage means an expert is on hand to identify and fix potential problems without further intervention.
  3. Automate processes with policy-based orchestration. In fact, you can deploy resources and kick-off workflows from your mobile device without getting up from your sofa or lounge chair.
  4. Get connected to Tier 1 support immediately. When there is an issue that requires quick resolution, whether you knew there was an issue or not, Cisco, Pure Support and your team will all have the information needed, without the hassle of answering 50 questions to solve your problem.
  5. Leverage machine learning and artificial intelligence that is adaptive and intuitive to solve potential problems you didn’t even realize you had.

Next Generation Management, Support and Converged Infrastructure

Learn more about Cisco Intersight, Pure1 with Meta, and FlashStack to see how your IT organization can be streamlined, flexible and transformative.