This post is coauthored by Nate Antons, Senior Solutions Marketing Manager for Modern Analytics at Pure Storage.

Ransomware may be to blame for US gas prices recently rising, but it also fueled some insightful discussions at Pure//Accelerate® Data Protection Week. Let’s look back at a few of the week’s highlights, and then preview what’s on tap for Data Analytics Week.

As the Colonial Pipeline attack proved, ransomware threats continue to plague organizations large and small. In fact, no business, organization, or municipality is immune. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that ransomware took center stage in many of the sessions. Two sessions of note:

  • Andrew Miller, principal product strategist at Pure Storage®, delivered a primer that can help keep you out of ransomware “jail.”
  • Customers from the Mississippi Department of Revenue discussed how they use FlashBlade® to handle backups and protect against data loss.

Other coverage included:

To round things out, our solution partners delivered several sessions, including panel discussions on modern backup, recovery, and data insights by Rubrik, and mitigation strategies for ransomware by Veeam.

Our focus on data protection doesn’t stop there. We’re adding nine more sessions to the catalog that will help you dive deeper into Pure data protection solutions including:

  • Creating immutable backups with FlashArray//C SafeMode™ snapshots
  • SQL Server data protection
  • Protecting SQL, Oracle, and VMware with FlashRecover
  • Scale-out data protection for FlashArray™ file services
  • And much more!

So take a minute to bookmark the Accelerate catalog to view these and other sessions on demand, and get ready to stay ready by checking out Pure//Peak Week coming next month!

Now let’s see what’s in store next…

Looking Ahead to Data Analytics Week

Starting May 24, we’ll take a deeper dive into the solutions that bring access to new insights by tapping into the vast volumes of modern, unstructured data. Pure solutions help IT organizations accelerate decision-making, adapt to the needs of modern data, and simplify operations. Learn how organizations like yours are evolving data warehouses, lakes, and silos with agile data platforms that speed applications at any scale.

You won’t want to miss these live sessions:

  • Data. The Catalyst of a Successful Customer Experience: Business leaders are constantly looking for new ways to build lasting and positive customer experiences. Prakash Darji, general manager of the Digital Technology Services Group at Pure, will lead a panel discussion on how Pure taps into its own data for pre- and post-sales efforts. Join Pure’s panel of experts as they share how Pure’s efforts are enriching customer—and even employee—engagement. (May 27 at 11am PT)
  • Building for Tomorrow: Simplifying Infrastructure for Modern Analytics and Unstructured Data: The deployment of traditional data silos, warehouses, and lakes has created management complexity that limits access to data. Pure’s Nathan Antons and Miroslav Klivansky discuss how a unified fast file and object (UFFO) solution simplifies retention and high-speed delivery of data to ensure insights are delivered faster and help make your life easier. (May 27 at 12pm PT)

We have a full slate of on-demand sessions that delve further into our data analytics solutions. Learn how to optimize operations for petabyte-scale data warehouses with Vertica. Explore how Pure powers applications such as Splunk and Elastic to optimize IT operations and security analytics solutions. Discover how we work with Confluent to enrich streaming analytics with fast access to historical data and find out how to modernize data lakes with Dremio and FlashBlade.

See you (virtually) at Data Analytics Week!

Build Your Pure Knowledge at Pure//PEAK Week 2021. Join us June 22 and 24 to develop your individual capabilities and knowledge to support success with Pure products.