Whether you were consolidating virtual machines, virtualizing business-critical applications, building private clouds, or using virtualized desktop infrastructure, building leading integrations and solutions for VMware technologies has been—and continues to be—a big part of Pure’s DNA.Since Pure Storage® first debuted our concept for FlashArray™ at VMworld 2011, the VMware ecosystem has been an integral part of our history and Hybrid Cloud Innovation and product innovation.

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To help meet the needs of our users, we’ve continuously innovated and invested in building solutions for VMware technologies. Today, we announced our Design Partnership status with VMware on solutions including: Virtual Volumes with VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) and Site Recovery Manager, VMware Cloud Native Storage (CNS), and NVMe over Fabric. This partnership keeps Pure at the forefront of addressing your needs for modern technology and business challenges.

Let’s look at the benefits of each:

VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF)

Enterprises need to scale their private and hybrid-cloud infrastructure easily while providing simple-to-manage, cost-optimized infrastructure. With VCF on FlashStack™, day 0 deployment is automated and fast. Day 2 operations, including upgrades and the ability to share and optimize data-center resources, are vastly simpler compared to other options.

Now, with VCF 4.1, the addition of vVols as principal storage for workload domains, you can leverage the automation capabilities of storage policy-based management along with all-flash enterprise-grade storage. This disaggregated architecture allows you to scale compute and storage independently as opposed to other solutions that result in wasted infrastructure and siloed hardware.

vVols and Site Recovery Manager

You need modern data protection for your business-critical applications. Pure’s collaboration with VMware ensures that VMware’s enterprise disaster-recovery solution, Site Recovery Manager, supports our industry-leading vVols storage.

Pure’s vVols capability offers granular data services that provide per-VM SLAs, simplified management, and data portability for mission-critical applications. There’s no need to install or use a plug-in to manage replication protection for VMs. Because it’s built into vSphere itself and not just the UI, you can use tools that directly manage vSphere, like Site Recovery Manager, to control replication protection.

Cloud Native Storage

If you’re using Kubernetes, you want to leverage existing VMware investments to provide a unified platform for VM and container environments for business-critical applications as well as new application development. Pure Storage enables this with design collaboration and support for the VMware Cloud Native Storage (VMware’s CSI driver), vSphere Tanzu and other Kubernetes deployments on top of vSphere.

We’re doing everything we can to make it easy for you to get started with containers and to provide flexibility for architectural decisions you might need to make later in your container journey. With Pure Service Orchestrator™ and our recently announced acquisition of Portworx, we look forward to providing even more container-storage options for VMware environments, whether on-premises or in the cloud, with hardware and software only offerings.


If you need the lowest latency and highest performance for business-critical applications, you can now utilize NVMe-oF with vSphere 7. With the industry’s earliest enterprise-storage offering for NVMe-oF, Pure addresses critical performance and data-center consolidation needs with FlashArray DirectFlash® Fabric.

A recent StorageReview Enterprise Lab report highlights performance improvements of up to 81.3% better throughput and 36.8% lower latency when using the combination of vSphere 7, NVMe-oF support from NVIDIA, and Pure FlashArray. With a SQL workload, latency improved by between 43.4% and 78.2% depending on the workload. Pure delivers fabric flexibility with our Evergreen Storage™ model with support for Fibre Channel, iSCSI (Ethernet), and the ability to leverage existing fabric investments and adopt next-gen storage protocols such as NVMe-oF to future-proof your storage investments.

This week, during the VMworld 2020 virtual conference, we’ll be presenting in seven breakout sessions with our VMware counterparts. Check out the Pure Storage VMworld 2020 page to sign up for sessions, see new demos, and set up a meeting with our VMware experts.

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