Today at Pure//Accelerate® London, we are excited to unveil major updates to the Pure Storage® Evergreen® subscription portfolio, introduce a new service, Pure Protect™ //DRaaS, as well as showcase a number of new operational capabilities in Pure1® aimed at reducing the labor to run and operate storage. These innovations are designed to help you face the challenges of today with better data resiliency, efficiency, and peace of mind—to future-proof your storage for the next decade. As we all face the challenges making headlines every day, these innovations are all about you: our customers. 

These milestones mark a significant commitment to helping organizations leap forward in modernizing their storage with the most sustainable, secure, and smart future-ready data storage platform in the world. 

Save Money While Saving Our Planet

New Paid Power and Rack Space Commitment

Saving the planet and saving money no longer have to be competing priorities. Our new Paid Power and Rack Space Commitment can help you reach your sustainability goals faster and more cost-effectively as Pure pays for customers’ power and rack space costs—a groundbreaking commitment. Pure is taking financial accountability for power and space usage and will continue to optimize it over time. We have the most energy efficient storage technology on the planet, and we’re standing by it financially.  

Helping organizations align TCO savings and long-term efficiency goals, customers get a seamless cloud experience on premises with an Evergreen//One™ storage-as-a-service (STaaS) and Evergreen//Flex™ subscription. Rising electricity costs and space constraints have almost become a fact of life. Pure Storage commits to pay both power costs, which are based on predetermined zones and regions, and rack unit space, ensuring hardware aligns with any geography. This payment can be made as a check or service credit, based on a kilowatt per hour (kWh) rate and fixed per rack unit rate, proportional to the customer’s location and size of contract.

Expanded Energy and Density Guarantee 

We are also announcing a new energy and space guarantee for Evergreen//Forever™ customers that delivers affordability and sustainability for those who can’t compromise on either. The Power and Rack Space Efficiency Guarantee is available to optimize available rack space, lower operational costs, and further customers’ sustainability efforts.

For Evergreen//Forever customers, Pure Storage will guarantee a maximum number of actual watts per tebibyte (TiB) and certain TiBs per rack unit. If Pure Storage cannot meet the TiBs/rack unit guarantee, customers will receive a credit.

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Updated Sustainability Assessment in Pure1

To provide full transparency into energy usage of our arrays, Pure includes a Sustainability Assessment in Pure1. This shows customers’ current consumption, projected energy usage, and direct carbon impact. We have also updated this with a peer rating so that customers can benchmark their energy usage against similar organizations.

Storage That Appreciates over time

No Data Migration Guarantee/SLA

With our track record of non-disruptive upgrades for a decade, we’re happy to guarantee customers can eliminate data migrations forever with the No Data Migration Guarantee. You can reduce your overall risk exposure, cost of ownership, and e-waste with seamless technology upgrades without data migrations.

For Evergreen//One (SLA), Evergreen//Flex, and Evergreen//Forever subscriptions, Pure Storage guarantees an end to all data migrations for hardware and software upgrades and expansions. If Pure Storage cannot meet this guarantee, customers will receive a credit. Say goodbye to disruptive data migrations with non-disruptive upgrades that keep data in place.

When you combine the No Data Migration Guarantee with updated trade-in programs for controller and DFM upgrades or a financing solution for STaaS, you know that Pure has your back.

Assure Data Resilience and Recovery

Disaster Recovery as a Service

Our new disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) improves resilience from natural disasters and cyber disruptions. Pure Protect //DRaaS offers a unique solution to complex and expensive DR alternatives for your VMware environments. Say goodbye to the financial burden of secondary data centers, co-locations, or hybrid cloud clusters. With Pure Protect //DRaaS, your AWS organization becomes the recovery site. By leveraging EC2 instances as your recovery VMs, you maintain precise control over your DR expenses and can finally put those unused service credits to work. Best of all? Your data remains entirely in your custody.

Pure Protect //DRaaS offers a purely simple approach to disaster recovery. Gone are the days of architecting overly complex DR systems that are prone to error. Pure Protect //DRaaS offers orchestrated provisioning of your DR recovery site as well as on-demand recovery of your VMware VMs to native EC2 instances. Dive into a world where disaster recovery is no longer a tedious chore but a streamlined, intuitive process.

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New Zero Data Loss Guarantee/SLA 

We stand behind our products and guarantee to safeguard your data from loss or corruption as a result of Pure’s hardware or software. New to Evergreen//One (SLA), Evergreen//Flex, and Evergreen//Forever, this guarantee mitigates the financial impact of data loss or corruption for any Pure Storage product-related incidents, at no cost. 

New Data Resiliency Score in Pure1 

The new Data Resiliency Score in the Pure1 Data Protection Assessment allows you to benchmark your data resilience posture. Assess fleet configurations against industry-leading practices for improved data resilience and get anomaly detection capabilities that can point to potential issues—and enable a more immediate response.

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Manage Data Storage While Optimizing Labor

Upgrades to Pure1’s AI-powered service experience at scale

With Pure Storage’s AI-powered asset and lifecycle management services, customers can achieve operational excellence, anywhere and on any scale, and with a simplified procurement experience. Reclaim one-third of your admins’ time* with new subscription-based AI-powered services, such as:

  • AI-driven asset management: In today’s multi-cloud landscape, asset tracking can be daunting. Pure Storage’s Pure1 management console offers an intuitive AI-powered solution for customers to track subscription assets and their life cycles, no matter where they’re deployed. Best of all this information is available via APIs to import into larger asset management systems.
  • Subscription lifecycle management: Where managing subscriptions and proving SLA compliance used to be a challenge, Pure1 now offers an AI-driven solution to enhance consumption and communication. Customers can view subscription genealogy to see historical contract changes and upcoming key dates. Customers can also view how Pure is delivering on our SLA promises over time, get key recommendations to optimize reserve commit, plan for future demand, and even trigger self-service expansion and purchase workflows.
  • Streamlined procurement experience: In today’s cloud-centric era, simplicity in purchasing, integration, and usage is paramount for enterprise storage platforms. Pure Storage has simplified the operation of storage systems and the procurement process.
  • Partner integration: Partners can seamlessly integrate with Pure Storage subscription APIs, reducing human errors through automated operations. Customers can now receive a consolidated invoice for all Pure Storage and partner solutions generated from Pure1. 

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From bolstering data resilience against natural disasters and cyber disruptions to accelerating sustainability goals while saving money, we’re committed to helping you build the most sustainable, secure, and smart platform possible—today, tomorrow, and beyond.

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*ESG Economic Validation. Analyzing the Economic Benefits of Pure Storage Evergreen//One