In March 2016, we announced that FlashArray//m10 – an affordable entry point to all-flash storage for small-to-medium-sized enterprises – would be generally available in June. We’re pleased to report that as of early last week, the FlashArray//m10 is officially on the market and being shipped to customers!

Starting at less than $50K with the same enterprise-level features that customers have come to expect from the FlashArray//m family, the efficiency and simplicity of FlashArray//m10 make it easy for organizations to accelerate business-critical applications, virtualize everything and implement an internal all-flash cloud. It’s also fully-upgradeable to any other FlashArray controller: //m20, //m50 or //m70, allowing flash storage to seamlessly scale as the business grows, without any downtime required.

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The initial response to FlashArray//m10 has been tremendous. For our customers, simplicity and reliability are key drivers behind deploying FlashArray//m10. Small-to-medium-sized enterprises tend to have a lean IT staff – so a system that is up in minutes, easy to manage and includes predictive support while still maintaining a high level of performance is paramount.

Our customers also tell us that Pure’s industry-best data reduction allows them to run SQL and Exchange, while still having overhead to run their VDI POC. One recent FlashArray//m10 customer purchased the array to deploy VDI for 150 seats, while running all of its virtual machines.

The FlashArray//m10 delivers:

  • Enterprise-Proven Reliability: An enterprise-grade AFA with >99.999 percent availability, and continued performance during maintenance and failures;
  • Transformational Simplicity: Instructions the size of two business cards, Pure1 SaaS-based management and the Pure1 mobile app for Android and iOS provide storage that anyone can manage – no manuals, no training, no tuning, and no maintenance windows required;
  • Capacity to Consolidate Everything: Up to 25 TB of effective capacity (5-10 TB raw storage);
  • No-Worry Performance: All-flash consistent performance, with <1ms average latency, up to 100,000 32K input/output operations per second (IOPS) and 512 byte variable internal block size;
  • Easy Expandability: Modular capacity, performance and feature expansions without maintenance windows or data migrations, both within and across product generations.

Unlike other storage solutions, FlashArray//m10 does not require SME IT decision makers to make trade-offs when choosing a storage platform. In choosing FlashArray//m10, SMEs can focus on growing their business rather than dealing with the IT fires that consume limited resources.

For enterprises large and small alike, FlashArray//m10 offers a simple and affordable way to flash-enable business critical applications, accelerate virtual desktop deployments and consolidate applications on an internal cloud built on lightning-fast all-flash.

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FlashArray//m10 allows companies to start small and scale as necessary by upgrading non-disruptively to any other //m. Evergreen Storage with FlashArray//m10 allows customers to stay current, to never repurchase capacity and to protect their initial investment for years to come. For instance, if a customer initially purchases //m10 and is then interested in upgrading to a higher end controller such as //m50, we offer expansion bundles that allow them to pay the difference between //m50 and //m10 – a way to upgrade and expand without repurchasing hardware or software.

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The FlashArray//m10 is generally available now. Authorized Pure Storage channel partners can help customers determine the right configuration for their environment. To find a reseller, visit

Learn more on the FlashArray//m10 webpage.

If you are a FlashArray//m10 customer, we want to hear from you! Are you loving your new array? How is your organization benefiting from the simplicity and efficiency of //m10? Join the conversation on Twitter.