Since its introduction in 2016, FlashBlade® has revolutionized the file and object storage market and set high standards with continuous innovation and record-breaking growth. We believe the year 2022 has been no exception, starting with the recognition as a 2022 Customers’ Choice on Gartner® Peer Insights and followed by the announcement of FlashBlade//S®—the powerful addition to our cutting-edge FlashBlade storage solution portfolio. 



Today, we’re excited that for the second year in a row, Pure Storage has been positioned as a Leader in the 2022 Gartner® Magic Quadrantfor Distributed File Systems and Object Storage.

Pure Storage and FlashBlade: Fast Facts

  • For Pure customers with Evergreen//Forever, more than 97% of systems older than five years are still in service today.
  • Pure Storage was the first vendor to introduce an enterprise-grade QLC system to the market.
  • Pure Storage was the first vendor to introduce an enterprise-grade all-flash solution for unstructured data.
  • Pure Storage’s 48TB DirectFlash® Modules deliver more than 50% greater capacity than the largest commodity solid-state drives (SSDs), such as those that our competitors use. 
  • Pure Storage was the first storage vendor to bring an integrated infrastructure solution for AI workloads with AIRI®—the AI-ready infrastructure in partnership with NVIDIA.
  • FlashBlade is the only unified file and object storage platform to share its energy and emission numbers after independent, third-party audited results of the use phase, utilizing the life cycle assessment (LCA) framework.
  • FlashBlade capacity has increased by more than 100% CAGR since its introduction six years ago.
  • FlashBlade was the first storage platform to offer both native file and native object protocol support in a single system.

Storage Built for Modern Data-centric Organizations

FlashBlade came to market with a vision of revolutionizing scale-out file and object workloads. Unstructured data storage doesn’t need to be restricted to secondary workloads and held back by the limitations of traditional disk and hybrid storage arrays. As organizations become more and more data centric and unstructured data continues to grow at an exceptional rate, efficient and strategic utilization of this data has become a key priority for organizations. FlashBlade is built differently than other storage solutions to help customers meet this challenge.

The architecture of FlashBlade allows it to deliver multi-dimensional performance for any unstructured data workload. It is designed to be flexible with the longevity to scale,  lasting through different generations of hardware, evolving and improving non-disruptively over time through the power of our Evergreen technology. Pure Evergreen enables customers to eliminate painful migrations and adapt the capacity and performance of their storage system as their business requirements change. FlashBlade//S with Evergreen//Forever provides customers a future-proof storage platform that’s ever modern and ever agile and delivers unmatched investment protection for their organizations. 

FlashBlade’s vision for the future and this focus on innovation has allowed it to stay ahead of the curve on many key customer requirements. The best example of this is FlashBlade’s industry-leading results when it comes to environmental sustainability and energy efficiency. Rising energy costs, regulatory concerns, and climate change are making environmental, social, and governance (ESG) an important consideration for organizations. Thanks to FlashBlade’s unique architecture and the power of Evergreen, organizations can partner with Pure Storage to deploy the most sustainable and energy-efficient solutions in the market.


Thank You! And, We’re Just Getting Started

Being positioned as a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Distributed File Systems and Object Storage for two consecutive years is an incredible honor. We believe this success is made possible by two equally important factors: Pure’s commitment to innovation executed by our exceptional engineering teams and our customers’ and partners’ belief in FlashBlade as the platform of choice for their file and object workloads and modern applications. Thank you to those whose trust and commitment to FlashBlade has made this day possible.

Many people associate Pure Storage with revolutionizing the scale-up block storage market for over a decade. FlashBlade is doing the same now to meet the demands of growing amounts of unstructured data.  The ongoing decline in flash costs means that we are entering what promises to be truly the decade of better file and object storage. And Pure Storage FlashBlade is committed to be at the forefront of innovation for our customers. Explore FlashBlade to learn how it can help you address your scale-out storage requirements to turbocharge your key workloads in the areas of analytics, AI and machine learning, rapid restore, ransomware recovery, technical computing, and more. 

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