The Pure team is back from the Gold Coast and looking back at an insightful week of ideas from Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo. It’s great to be part of events that explore what’s coming next. Gartner put together a strong agenda and list of speakers to fill the week. We’re always pleased to get insight from the community and share what we’re doing to play a part.

IT teams are always looking for ways to align data strategies with business goals. It’s a challenge to build systems that address ongoing business operations while providing agility to align with shifts in strategy.

Pure Storage® technology accelerates this process. It enables you to utilize more of your data while reducing the complexity and expense of managing the infrastructure behind it. Pure Storage provides a data experience that creates a common operating environment across multiple data centers and clouds, simplifying operations via APIs and intelligent AI-driven automation. Learn more about the modern data experience in CEO Charlie Giancarlo’s post.

With the Pure as-a-Service portfolio, Pure has taken a leadership position in offering a comprehensive suite of integrated, flexible, as-a-service solutions, both on-prem and in hybrid cloud configurations.

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This year, Gartner combined the Magic Quadrant reports for solid-state arrays and general-purpose disk arrays into a single report for primary storage. We’re happy to share that Pure is positioned as a leader in the new Gartner Magic Quadrant for Primary Storage assessment. Download the Gartner report to read the full analysis.

Efficiency saves money. Sounds pretty logical, doesn’t it? Check out ESG’s report on the Economics of Improved Storage Efficiency with Pure. Using research and economic validation, ESG confirms the effectiveness of Pure’s storage-efficiency technology compared to alternative vendors. Spoiler alert: “ESG’s TCO models predicted that of all of the listed technologies, Pure Storage provided the lowest storage TCO $/GB, providing the greatest value per GB stored.”

Case Study: SoftBank

Japan-based SoftBank Corp. strives to stand out from its competitors in the telecommunication industry with its vision and commitment. SoftBank Corp. has one of the largest virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) deployments in Japan. The company greatly improved performance and operational efficiency by upgrading its VDI for employees and customers with Pure Storage solutions.

“We selected Pure Storage for VDI especially for its deduplication technology and non-disruptive operation that were ahead of competitors,” says Toshio Takeuchi, head of SoftBank’s Service Promotion Office.

As a result of using all-flash storage from Pure, the company significantly improved I/O performance. In addition, it reduced data by one-eighth with Pure’s inline deduplication and compression. Read the full SoftBank case study.