Every journey needs a map.

Like many, long road trips during the summer were a rite of passage. While the drive was truly a means to the journey’s end, as a kid it seemed like an endless stretch of tarmac interrupted by rest stops and diners along the way. Once I was old enough to understand the road atlas we received from our local auto insurance agent, I began to enjoy watching our progress because I understood where the road was taking us. It became fun to help my dad navigate and discover places to stop for gas, grab food and stretch our legs. Those needs were predictable.

The journey to data services isn’t always a clear road map. Managing the changing needs of your business and the shifting technology landscape is a difficult task. The maps tend to get outdated quickly, leaving you unprepared for what is coming around the next turn with modern data and modern applications.

At Pure Storage®, we’re sharing a dynamic vision of what a Modern Data Experience™ looks and feels like. This roadmap (of sorts) for your digital journey is designed to eliminate the bottlenecks that have plagued the storage industry for years: complexity, data sprawl, lack of cloud agility, and operational challenges like forklift upgrades.

We’ve also mapped out the next phase of the journey as well. The result is data that is:

  • More reactive to your needs with predictable performance for advanced analytics
  • Present in the right place and time to create rich experiences for your customers and employees, to turn data from a set of silos into an easily consumable service
  • An easier path to the technology outcomes modern organizations need, including lifecycle orchestration for modern applications and rich integrations to enterprise applications

The Modern Data Experience has three elements that conveniently align to the wondrous experience of the classic family road trip.

Innovation Leadership

“Keep your eyes on the road.”

Pure Storage pioneered the all-flash array, enabling organizations to embrace the all-flash data center. You get predictable performance, sustainability, and the economic and operational benefits of flash storage along with the security and reliability of modern data protection. Beyond the technology, innovative programs like Evergreen™ protect your investment, preventing you from running into the unnecessary costs of frequent data migrations and the associated downtime. Pure is building out the products for the next generation of applications. And based upon our track record of innovations you can trust that we’re not taking our eyes off the road. (Check out Gartner’s 2020 Magic Quadrant for Primary Storage Arrays.)

Cloud Ready

“Are we there yet?”

The Modern Data Experience provides for easy subscription-based usage of storage for teams wanting “everything as a service.” This gives you cost predictability mapped to service-level objectives—a very cloud experience. Data mobility is at the core of a cloud-ready enterprise, and Pure offers the tools to make sure your data is accessible in the locations you need and managed predictively through a single control plane. If your team is building modern applications in containers, Portworx® has the lifecycle management and orchestration tools to run, back up, and migrate containerized applications whether you’re new to these apps or already fairly experienced. (See why GigaOm calls Portworx a leader in Kubernetes data protection.)

The Best Experience

“Roadside assistance at your service.”

Providing you with the best experience possible is part of our DNA at Pure. It starts with the unboxing process. We’ve put lots of time and effort into making our products simple to set up, operate, and scale. Predictive support from Pure1® and fleet-management tools ensure that you have a transparent view into any performance and potential bottlenecks as you grow and expand your environment. Part of the great experience you receive also comes from our technology partners. Whether it’s through robust integrations to your enterprise applications or getting the help you need to turn a bottleneck into a breakthrough, you have the support you need.

Unlike a summer road trip, this evolution will continue building momentum to help our customers and partners speed along in their journey to successful digital transformation. And Pure is ready to help these organizations shift into gear and move forward with innovative leadership, a cloud-ready focus, and the best experience. (Learn more about Pure’s audited Net Promoter Score.)