Regardless of what the future holds, KDDI promises to face tomorrow, together. 

Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, KDDI is a global Fortune 500 company and one of the largest telecommunications providers in Asia. Since its establishment in 1984, KDDI has been at the forefront of innovation. With telecommunications at its core, KDDI provides Life Design Services that are close to the lives of customers in the personal segment, and aims to promote digital transformation and co-create new businesses with partners in the business segment.

KDDI’s Life Design Services reflect and build on the different ways people connect to services in their everyday lives—from cashless payments and entertainment subscription services to enabling customers to bundle their mobile and power bills for a more seamless experience. Technology plays a key role in KDDI’s mission of “connecting and protecting lives, connecting day-to-day lives, and connecting hearts and minds.” 

KDDI is also leveraging technology to power sustainable growth and aims to achieve net-zero CO2 emissions in its business activities by 2030. Pure Storage is one of the foundations for KDDI’s sustainable data architecture. With the introduction of Pure Storage, KDDI has succeeded not only in improving system performance, improving operational efficiency, and reducing costs, but also in cutting CO2 emissions by reducing the IT equipment.

We are delighted to recognize KDDI’s inspiring leadership and tremendous results with the regional Pure Storage Greatest of All Time Breakthrough Award. 

An Always-on, 3X Performance Improvement with 75% Fewer Maintenance Costs

An increasing number of storage devices due to growing demand leads to higher maintenance costs. To solve the problem of ever-increasing maintenance costs, KDDI decided to adopt Pure Storage, which has excellent performance and aggregation efficiency, in 2019. Today, dozens of Pure Storage FlashArray™ devices provide the storage foundation for a very huge number of virtual machines in KDDI’s public and private cloud.

Pure Storage provides tripled I/O performance and supports part of KDDI’s always-on infrastructure with 99.999% availability. Data deduplication and compression technologies are twice as efficient as other vendors’ offerings, reducing the number of devices, costs, power consumption, and space in the data center. KDDI says that maintenance-related operational costs have been reduced by 75%.

Processing and Storing 30X More Data on a Single Platform 

KDDI also consolidated its three data analytics platforms—each with its own storage and managed partially by data scientists—onto Pure. These consisted of Hadoop, etc. clusters running on many general-purpose servers with built-in hard disk drives.

Today, Pure Storage FlashBlade® supports Hadoop, as well as Splunk, Hunk (Splunk Analytics for Hadoop), Spark, Vertica, and MicroStrategy. FlashBlade also enables it to seamlessly integrate its data lakes and data warehouses. Unstructured data collected from 300,000 mobile base stations all over Japan is stored in the data lake. KDDI then processes the unstructured data and stores it in its data warehouses as structured data.

With the high-speed processing and capacity of FlashBlade, KDDI now captures and stores 30 times more data than before, especially in the most effective certain analytical system. One centrally managed storage infrastructure improves operational efficiency—allowing data scientists to remain focused on their data analysis work. And because KDDI was able to separate compute from storage, it can scale its clusters independently, eliminating waste. 

Congratulations to KDDI on winning the regional Pure Storage Greatest of All Time Breakthrough Award.

We are excited to be part of their journey to sustainability and ongoing success as it leverages Pure to drive future innovation in areas such as 5G and edge cloud computing. KDDI demonstrates how companies can improve their business while indeed improving the world.