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During Pure//Accelerate® techfest22, nearly 6,000 customers, potential customers, partners, and industry leaders from around the world joined us in Los Angeles and virtually.

Pure//Accelerate was particularly special this year, serving as our first significant, in-person event in over two years and our biggest product launch in five years. It was also a vivid reminder of what makes Pure so unique. Simply put, we play a different game than our competitors by viewing data storage and management as high technology, rather than a commodity.

Leading the Way

Kicking off the event, Pure CEO, Charlie Giancarlo shared how and why Pure is leading the industry with solutions that are simple and modern to meet the needs of organizations today and tomorrow. The message was undeniably clear and underpinned all the sessions: We’re uncomplicating data storage, forever.

“For us, innovation isn’t a buzzword,” he explained. “It’s easy to make things hard, but it’s hard to make things easy. Our team works tirelessly on delivering benefits and simplicity. We want to uncomplicate your world, and we look forward to doing this today and tomorrow.”


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Pure//Accelerate techfest22: The Biggest Launch in Five Years Comes to Life

Among the many exciting announcements during Pure//Accelerate was the launch of FlashBlade//S™ which combines hardware and software, giving organizations the scalability, flexibility, and investment protection to uncomplicate their unstructured data for the next decade and beyond.

We also introduced our new Evergreen™ portfolio, providing more choices for subscriptions built on Evergreen architecture. With the expanded Evergreen portfolio, we’ve enabled the ability to create customized solutions to address a wide variety of operational needs.

In one of the most memorable moments of the event, Rene Lopez, Managing Director, Infrastructure, Delta Airlines, went wonderfully off script, sharing his real-world perspective on Evergreen.

“I thought Evergreen was B.S. when I saw it for the first time,” he noted. “You hear lots of marketing jargon, but [Pure] got me with Evergreen because of predictable maintenance costs. But then it was the upgrades to the environment. In the month before Thanksgiving, we were able to upgrade 30 arrays in less than 30 days, non-disruptively—while airplanes were in the air—with no hiccups whatsoever. That is truly the value of Evergreen to me.”

Amplifying the Power of Efficiency

The launch of FlashBlade//S and the new Evergreen portfolio highlights our focus on increased efficiency and our environmental sustainability efforts.With energy costs soaring and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives a top priority for many organizations, Pure products are positively impacting our customers’ environmental footprint and empowering them to build a better world with data.

Celebrating Breakthroughs

Of course, we had plenty to celebrate this year, too—especially our customers who inspire us each and every day. We presented several with Pure Storage Breakthrough Awards, including Ford, the Mississippi Department of Revenue, and Folding@home. And we presented three industry leaders—SiriusXM, Barclays, and KDDI—with Greatest of All Time (G.O.A.T.) Awards for their incredible success stories.

The Excitement Continues

A heartfelt thank you for being part of Pure//Accelerate techfest22. We hope you gained insights and inspiration to uncomplicate data storage and accelerate success. We’re already looking forward to when we meet again!