In today’s unpredictable world, natural disasters are ramping up in both frequency and intensity. Yes, today’s organizations face challenges beyond those posed by Mother Nature. With the rise of sophisticated ransomware and evolving cyber threats, the definition of business continuity is being rewritten. In this shifting landscape, how prepared is your business to weather both natural and manmade storms?

Combatting these various threats and disasters can lead to complex solutions and costly applications that only solve part of the problem. Traditionally, disaster recovery methods have involved secondary data centers with full racks of gear, which can drain your budget, or infrastructure that is rarely used but still requires maintenance and upkeep. Some have turned to the cloud for an all-in model or hybrid for their disaster recovery. This can also prove to be a significant expense and a complicated task, as cloud resources are always on and readily available. The expenses associated with this can quickly escalate beyond the budgeted limits. Organizations need an easier, cost-effective solution that lets them still maintain business continuity in the event of any disaster.

Announcing Pure Protect™ //DRaaS: A Transformative Disaster Recovery Solution

Pure Protect //DRaaS is reshaping the landscape of how businesses fortify their data and operations with business continuity in mind. Pure Protect //DRaaS is a cost-effective, scalable, and easy-to-use solution that empowers businesses to protect their data and operations effectively. 

With Pure Protect //DRaaS, organizations can safeguard their VMware environments using native AWS services for recovery. This not only broadens your choice of availability zones but also simplifies the entire recovery process. From deployment and configuration to testing and consumption, Pure Protect //DRaaS exemplifies our philosophy of being “Purely Simple.” And because it leverages VMware’s storage APIs for data protection (VADP), Pure Protect //DRaaS can give you peace of mind regardless of the underlying storage hardware. With its streamlined and orchestrated deployment process, you can set up a VPC in AWS and replicate VMs from on premises to the cloud—all in under an hour.

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Delivering More Efficient and Cost-effective Disaster Recovery 

Pure Protect //DRaaS isn’t just about securely recovering your businessit’s also about protecting your bottom line. Rather than paying for expensive data centers or hybrid cloud clusters, Pure Protect //DRaaS will fail over your VMware VMs to native AWS EC2 instances. This shift to truly on-demand recovery for your virtual machines offers a more efficient and cost-effective disaster recovery solution. By utilizing your existing AWS account, you’re empowered to maximize your own discounts without any added markups. Plus, it’s the perfect way to spend any service credits you’ve been sitting on.

Beyond the budgetary benefits is an even more vital advantage: data custody. With other DRaaS solutions, you’re essentially sending your data into a black box filled with uncertainty in how your data is being handled. How does your DRaaS provider isolate your data from other customers? And what actually happens to your data when your contract expires? With Pure Protect //DRaaS, you maintain transparency and custody over your business data, ensuring it stays yours. Always

pure protect

Figure 1: Pure Protect //DRaaS dashboard in Pure1.

Disasters usually happen at the most inopportune times and don’t care whether you’re out to dinner or away for the weekend. Thanks to Pure Protect integration with the Pure1® SaaS platform, you’re never out of reach of your DRaaS. Even if your production network fails, all you need is an internet connection to seamlessly orchestrate your disaster recovery from anywhere, at any time. 

More Sophisticated Threats Require More Sophisticated Solutions

An effective disaster recovery (DR) strategy is paramount to ensure operational and business continuity in the face of disruptions. It begins with a risk assessment to identify potential vulnerabilities and threats, including natural disasters, cyberattacks, hardware failures, and human error. Once the risks have been identified, a plan is developed that outlines procedures, processes, and responsibilities for response and recovery. The plan typically includes regular backups both on-site and off-site, redundant hardware for high availability (HA), and failover systems. HA is a good option for availability and a recovery solution in case of natural disasters, but it does not fit the bill when it comes to ransomware events and related incidents. Customers who have leveraged HA as a DR solution in the past now need to consider an HA + DR solution, as threats and disasters become more complex and sophisticated. 

It’s one thing to have a plan in place, but it’s absolutely crucial to routinely test and simulate disaster scenarios to validate the robustness of your strategy. Through this testing, you’ll not only build confidence in your ability to recover but also prevent blind spots that can lead to prolonged downtime that will harm the reputation of your business. Pure Protect //DRaaS simplifies the testing process of your recovery plans with just a few clicks. Plus, with its unique capabilities, you can even scale down your VM configurations, making the testing phase even more cost-effective.

If you’re ready to embark on this crucial journey toward safeguarding your organization’s business resilience, don’t hesitate to take the first step because DR is no longer optional—it is a necessity. 

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