This post about Splunk .conf20 is co-authored by Tom Schroeder, Vice President of Professional Services for Pure Storage.

Splunk .conf20 is less than a month away. We’re excited to be hosting a virtual booth and breakout session to share the latest on running Splunk on Pure Storage®.

A lot has happened since .conf19, and the number of organizations passionate about running Splunk on Pure continues to grow. This includes ServiceNow, which uses it for full-stack monitoring and risk mitigation.

“Running Splunk on Pure Storage ensures that Splunk can handle an ever-increasing amount of machine data with virtually no downtime,” explains Josh Ayers, manager, infrastructure capacity and storage management at ServiceNow. “We wouldn’t run Splunk on anything else.”

Continuous Innovation to Optimize on Pure

At Pure, we’re always looking for new ways to improve the customer experience. That includes enhancing our integration with Splunk. Over the past year, we’ve focused on answering two specific questions:

  • What can we do to make life easier for administrators?
  • How does our Modern Data Experience™ translate into better outcomes for users?

To get answers, we asked administrators about the obstacles they face. Based on their feedback, we developed the following model:

It’s clear that scaling infrastructure is complex. Managing forwarders, adding servers, and rebalancing data is both challenging and time-consuming. Yet, you gain tremendous value when Splunk supports power users by fulfilling requests for searches, reports, and dashboards. In other words, if admins can spend less time managing infrastructure, they’ll have more time to focus on initiatives that deliver business value.

Based on this premise, it’s no surprise that approximately 50% of Splunk deployments are on public cloud today. Cloud deployment tips the equation in the right direction. And the remaining 50% of customers—many of which have regulatory or other reasons for remaining on-premises—are looking for new ways to remove complexity.

We’re excited to announce that Pure has partnered with Kinney Group, an Elite Splunk Consulting Services provider, to offer new tools to support administrators. This includes a joint reference design, as well as Splunk Professional Services resold by Pure.

How does this translate into better outcomes? It reduces infrastructure scaling work from one day a week to one day a month—freeing up considerable time to deliver better outcomes.

Pure also has teamed with Kinney Group to offer three types of Splunk-specific professional services:

  • Splunk Enterprise Installation: Guidance installing a new solution on the Pure Reference Architecture
  • Optimization Services: Support optimizing an existing solution on the Pure Reference Architecture
  • Customized Services: Tailored, advanced consultancy to help you meet a specific requirement

These professional services are now available worldwide as a Pure Storage SKU through any authorized Pure Storage channel partner. We’re excited about these offerings and are confident that they’ll simplify work for administrators and help you get the most from Pure Storage and Splunk.

Mark Your Calendar for Splunk .conf20

Join us at Splunk .conf20 on October 20–21. Visit our booth and catch our joint breakout session with Veritas Technologies, during which we’ll discuss their successful and cost-saving migration from cloud to Splunk SmartStore, powered by Pure Storage.