The growth of artificial intelligence (AI) in business and consumer markets around the world is undeniable. It’s in nearly all industries, and now it’s at your fingertips via AI applications that are online and accessible from your mobile phone. It seems like AI is the stuff of science fiction. How can computers simulate the way a human brain thinks and come up with ideas, decisions, and outcomes based on data that isn’t pre-programmed by humans? It’s mind-blowing to people who aren’t deep into such technologies and to those who are just entering into this realm. 

Whether you’re just getting started in this exciting area or looking to expand your know-how, register for the free NVIDIA GTC conference and sign up for the Pure Storage session, “How Industry-Leading Companies Use AI Effectively” [S52355]. In this session, learn from Sandeep Phadke, a Pure Storage product leader, about his experience in the industry, consulting for companies using AI to be more competitive in their markets. You’ll also learn how Pure Storage uses AI to better serve our customers who rate us high in customer satisfaction, as evidenced by our industry-leading Net Promoter Score of 81.4. 

NVIDIA GTC 2023 is the premier AI event with a huge focus on AI for data scientists, business people, IT infrastructure professionals, and eager students—all of whom are hungry to learn more about how they can harness the power of AI in their work.

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Pure Storage began our collaboration with NVIDIA five years ago when we introduced AIRI®, the first AI-ready infrastructure solution that made deploying AI easier by simplifying the technical infrastructure needed for fast and efficient AI processes. Since then, many of our customers have done amazing things with AI by focusing on their applications and workflows, instead of managing their infrastructure. Just last year, AIRI//S™ was launched with our next-generation FlashBlade//S™ further accelerating the speed and efficiency Pure brings to our customers. 

For most AI practitioners, a solution such as AIRI isn’t the first thing that crosses their minds when it comes to their projects. They care less about the infrastructure that’s running, and more about the outcomes they get from AI. They’re more likely interested in:

  • How can they use AI for their research or business needs?
  • What results will they get and what investment in time, money, and energy will it take?
  • How will they get the knowledge and training required to execute an effective AI program? 
  • What data do they have or do they need to achieve their goals?
  • What models should they build and train for the most effective results? 

Only after exploring these foundational questions, can their organization dive into how and where they’ll deploy AI. They’ll want to know how they can optimize AI results without breaking their budget. It’s at this point that it makes sense to invest in new AI infrastructure for their production needs. Pure can certainly help, as our scale-out, fast file and object storage platform, FlashBlade//S, is optimized for AI and gives all of the power and efficiency that NVIDIA DGX systems need to run production-scale AI to their maximum potential. 

Visit Pure’s virtual booth at NVIDIA GTC 2023, starting March 20 and learn how Pure can help you with your AI journey! 

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Find out more about Pure at NVIDIA GTC 2023.