There’s a lot of excitement coming from last week’s announcement concerning the pending general availability (GA) of Veeam Backup & Replication v12. Let’s unpack the announcement and see what’s in store for Pure Storage® customers and sales partners.

Direct to Object Support for S3

The release of Veeam Backup & Replication v12 brings Direct to Object support. Not only will this enable Veeam to leverage the parallelism of the all-flash scale-out architecture of FlashBlade®, it will also provide the next generation of ransomware protection through S3’s Object Lock technology. 

S3 Object Lock allows you to store objects using a write-once-read-many (WORM) model. Object Lock can help prevent objects from being deleted or overwritten for a fixed amount of time or indefinitely. This extra layer of protection can greatly reduce opportunities for losing data to ransomware attacks and can help you meet regulatory requirements that require WORM storage.

Enhanced Orchestration and Management for Snapshots and Replicas 

Thanks to the collaboration and joint engineering between Pure and Veeam, automating snapshots and backups has been a breeze for Pure customers using Veeam for several years.  

Released in 2018, the Pure Plug-In for Veeam (USAPI) has been the #1 downloaded tool for Veeam Backup & Replication—and for good reason. USAPI helps lower RPOs by allowing Pure customers to automate snapshots and backups. 

An update to the USAPI will be timed with the release of Veeam Backup & Replication v12. The USAPI 2.0 plug-in for Veeam will allow snapshots and replicas to be managed, cataloged, and backed up to FlashArray//X, FlashArray//C, or Pure Cloud Block Store™. USAPI 2.0 will also enhance enterprise scalability and offsite resiliency by replicating snapshots from FlashArray//X or FlashArray//XL to FlashArray//C, giving Pure customers the ability to deploy Backup & Replication v12 into more complex environments.  

The USAPI 2.0 plug-in for Pure will be available for download from the Veeam website for free by early calendar Q1, 2023. 

Additional Use Cases

Veeam Backup & Replication provides availability for data and applications by backing up file data from native FlashArray™ storage snapshots, making FlashArray//C an ideal choice to keep snapshots for long-term storage. Just configure FlashArray//C as a secondary repository for redundancy or create policies for different retention times and configure Veeam to copy backups from FlashArray//X to FlashArray//C for increased fault tolerance and enterprise scalability.

FlashArray snapshots can also be used to create an isolated, on-demand test environment in Veeam DataLabs, allowing you to leverage copies of production workloads for testing and development, analytics and security, and to drive business change. 

FlashArray//C is simple to set up and provides native support for NFS and SMB protocols, eliminating the complexity and cost of running two environments. And Pure Services can help ensure that you get these business case benefits quickly and completely. 

Added Ransomware Protection with SafeMode

With ransomware attacks expected to occur every two seconds by 2031, it’s no surprise that thwarting attacks remains a critical priority for organizations. In fact, a recent ESG ransomware study showed 87% of organizations are concerned their data backups could become infected or corrupted by a ransomware attack.

Immutable and indestructible Pure SafeMode™ snapshots for FlashBlade and FlashArray ensure your data is safe from disasters and ransomware attacks. SafeMode snapshots enable you to create secure read-only snapshots of backup data and associated metadata catalogs. In the event your backups are compromised by a disaster or a ransomware attack, you can easily use a SafeMode snapshot in conjunction with Veeam DataLabs to power on your mission-critical applications and keep your business running. 

Pure Services can help you ensure you’ve implemented these features with the recommended practices so that SafeMode and your data backups are ready when needed. 

Maximize Value and Reduce Risks with Pure Professional Services

IT and legacy data environments are complex, causing delays and workarounds for implementing solutions. The success of your business case depends on migrating to the Pure environment quickly and efficiently.

The Pure Professional Services team has experience with migrating old legacy environments to a more efficient Pure environment. They have the skills, tools, and expertise to ensure that you achieve the goals of your business case as quickly as possible. They also have specific services targeted at data recovery, SafeMode, and Veeam. Be sure to consider whether using Pure Professional Services to migrate to the new environment makes sense for your business. 

To learn more about Pure Storage solutions for Veeam, visit our partnership page.