Cisco Live 2021 will have valuable network and collaboration expertise on display for attendees to engage and absorb. Cisco is, after all, the industry leader in both areas. So, if you’re in the market for either, Cisco Live is the place to be (virtually, of course).     

Upgrade to Modern Infrastructure

FlashStackWhat if you’re shopping for a modern architecture with which to run your mission-critical workloads? Cisco is the leader in compute for converged infrastructures, a.k.a. UCS Servers. UCS and Cisco networking, combined with all-flash storage from Pure, creates FlashStack, one of the fastest-growing converged infrastructure solutions on the market. In fact, more than 4000 organizations have adopted FlashStack in just the last five years!

Therefore, if you are looking for the best in modern infrastructure, Cisco Live is the place to be. But what’s the best way to evaluate the various infrastructure options on display at Cisco Live? At a minimum, a modern data infrastructure should offer these three benefits:

  • Simplicity: You need the ability to simply and easily scale operations and data services to the cloud. Managing and protecting your data in the cloud should be as simple as it is within the confines of your physical data center.
  • Control: You need a single holistic view of your data. And you must be able to manage and manipulate it from a central, integrated interface. FlashStack uses Cisco Intersight to provide a single point of control for the entire infrastructure stack, from compute to storage.
  • Efficiency: You need modern flexible consumption strategies that help support IT as OPEX, so you can enjoy the advantages of a true storage utility model.

FlashStack meets these requirements and more. But you don’t have to take my word for it. Once again, the customers have spoken. Pure’s NPS score—perhaps the toughest independent measure of customer satisfaction—is 83.5, which is in the top 1% of all B2B firms. And we’ve been in that top 1% for five years in a row.

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership

Speaking of solutions that support mission-critical workloads, Pure, Intel, and SAP have partnered to reduce SAP HANA’s total cost of ownership (TCO). An SAP landscape, and the resources to support it, can be your organization’s single largest IT investment. And for obvious reasons: SAP can run much of your transactions and analytics.  

How can you reduce the TCO of SAP HANA without introducing additional risk or compromises that could impact your SLAs with end users?  

One of the best approaches is to leverage SAP HANA Native Storage Extension (NSE), which allows you to move as much as 80% of your SAP HANA data into a warm data tier.  The tradeoff, however, has always been the excessive latency this introduces when you then need that data for business analytics.     

We’ve tested and validated SAP HANA NSE with DirectMemory™ cache, Pure’s implementation of Intel’s Optane SSD. Combining the advantages of Optane performance with SAP HANA NSE—especially in very large database deployments—allows you to dramatically reduce latency introduced by the warm data tiering. At the same time, you can still minimize the costs associated with housing all your data in-memory. 

Align Costs to Consumption

IDC Report: Business Value of "as aService"for Storage EnvironmentsPure Storage is approaching a variety of economic challenges by helping organizations transform IT into a Modern Data Experience™.  CIOs and CFOs are increasingly considering OPEX models that align IT acquisition with IT consumption. Pure has been a leader in this area—offering true utility consumption for storage—for the past two and a half years. 

Pure as-a-Service™ delivers a simple, cloud-like experience that makes it easier than ever to manage data consumption, whether on-premises or in hybrid and public-cloud environments. Gone are the days where you need a crystal ball to predict your storage needs years in advance. Instead, pay only for what you use, when you use it, and monitor your consumption in real time with full transparency.

Pure and Cisco already support a variety of flexible consumption options for FlashStack through our channel partners.  Cisco Plus builds on that foundation as we continue to work together to empower our mutual partners to best serve the evolving economic needs of our FlashStack customers

Visit Pure at Cisco Live 2021

Please join Pure Storage at Cisco Live 2021, March 30 through April 1. Connect with us to: 

  • Unlock new capabilities from your IT investments
  • Generate the performance your organization needs 
  • Benefit from a choice of economic options to best fit your business strategy

Drop by the Pure virtual booth anytime during the event to hear our on-demand sessions.

Cisco Live is absolutely the place to be.