Mountain climbers use basecamps as a place to safely regroup and prepare for what lies ahead. It’s both a refuge and a foundation to prepare for the ascent up the mountain, filled with important supplies, shelter, and comfort. Pure//Accelerate™ Basecamp is where you can build the technology foundation for the future of your enterprise, your IT department, and your career.

At Pure//Accelerate Digital we featured sessions showcasing the latest in core Pure technologies, ranging from storage arrays and converged infrastructure to data services, data management, our utility-based as-a-service offerings, and Evergreen Storage™ program.

What’s Pure//Accelerate Basecamp All About?

Pure Basecamp is all about helping you use more of your data while reducing the expense and complexity behind managing it. Evergreen//One™ was one of the hottest Basecamp topics. Our flexible data consumption model, Evergreen//One transforms the way you procure IT to reduce acquisition cost and risk. It delivers pay-as-you-go billing with the flexibility to scale up and down, competitive on-demand rates, and unified subscriptions for both on-premises and cloud.

Get up-to-speed on what Evergreen//One can do for you. In his session, “2020: The Tipping Point for Storage as a Service,”

Petty, Director of Product Marketing, takes you through:

  • The market and business conditions that have changed
  • Why utility data consumption models are rapidly gaining in popularity
  • How Pure is best positioned to deliver true flexible consumption that goes well beyond financing and financial engineering that competitors offer

Be sure to check out more //Accelerate Basecamp topics in our on-demand session library. 

Pure1® management and Evergreen offer ways to simplify data management operations while keeping your storage modern without disruption.

The Pure1 session uncovers new enhancements to our powerful end-to-end AI-driven management capabilities, showing how Pure1 is constantly evolving and improving to enhance your storage experience. Find out more about enhanced replication and protocol support, subscriptions, upgrade scheduling, Pure Service Orchestrator™, and role-based access controls.

And with Evergreen, you don’t have to take our word for it. Instead, hear about its benefits from James Kelly, Senior Systems Administrator (Research) at Chapman University. Since adopting Pure Evergreen, the Chapman IT department has delivered better always-on and faster services to students and faculty, all while reducing the resources needed to manage infrastructure and deliver database copies and clones. It’s a great example of how you can benefit from and innovate further as a result of always modern non-disruptive storage.

That’s not all we covered in Basecamp. Here’s the complete list of on-demand sessions. Come back as often as you’d like. We’ll keep the lights on so you have a comfortable and informative place for you to experience Pure Storage.