Summer is officially here and Pure//Accelerate™ is coming up in September. Our teams are busy planning all the details to make this year’s event the best yet. They’re working to create the content tracks you need to help you take your skills to new levels.

We’ve designed the agenda to help you build your skills and improve operations for your company today – and build for the future. With more than 130 sessions across seven content tracks, you have plenty of opportunities. Design an agenda that works for your specific needs and interests. Use what you learn to advance your career and help your organization move ahead of your competitors.

Check out the individual session listings. Go to full the session catalog or use the link at the end of each description to see the list for that content track.

Accelerate Business Applications

If you’re an infrastructure specialist, you need to deliver business-application solutions that simplify providing always-on data services for real-time customer experiences. This track will highlight ways that you can:

  • Create proven strategies for architecting data protection across the stack
  • Build a simple and cost-effective business continuity and disaster recovery framework
  • Design end-to-end hybrid cloud services for key business applications and databases
  • Use best practices to deploy Pure Storage for databases including MS SQL, Oracle, and SAP HANA
  • Integrate automation for application development tasks to reduces time, complexity, and cost of DevOps

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Enable Hybrid Cloud

Get what you need to design and implement a winning cloud strategy that enables hybrid mobility for enterprise and web-scale applications. This track will help you:

  • Identify considerations when designing a winning hybrid cloud architecture
  • Build consistency and efficiencies in the data layer across on-premises and public-cloud deployments
  • Unlock new use cases to get the most from your hybrid cloud implementation
  • Leverage cloud-native technologies to modernize your application architecture
  • Optimize storage management for dynamic containerized workloads and hybrid apps

Explore the hybrid cloud track.

Modernize Data Protection

Learn about new technologies that can help you improve overall data protection performance, particularly with data recovery. This track will highlight how you can:

  • Transition an on-premises data protection strategy to hybrid cloud
  • Complement existing backup solutions to significantly improve data recovery performance and availability for Oracle, VMware, and more
  • See how Rapid Restore technology can significantly improve recovery performance
  • Explore the advantages of flash-to-flash-to-cloud approach over disk-to-disk-to-tape or flash-to-disk-to-tape
  • Get real-world data-protection perspectives from other companies, Pure partners, and resellers

Check out the data protection track.

Build a Data Hub

If you’re looking to expand your scope beyond storage, these sessions give you what you need to know about AI, analytics, data warehouse, DevOps, and cloud-native applications. This track will help you:

  • Explore the benefits of deploying a data-centric architecture to power analytics and AI
  • Get technology demos and use cases for sharing data across applications
  • Learn about ecosystem solutions for addressing common data-intensive workloads
  • Use best practices to deploy Pure Storage for log analytics, including Splunk and Elasticsearch
  • Speed software builds for agile development and improves resource productivity

Review the data hub track.

Enable DevOps Agility

Discover how you can be more productive and respond to increasingly fast-changing business requirements by leveraging DevOps tools and processes. This track will highlight how you can:

  • Use DevOps to help development and operations teams work more efficiently
  • See how automation tools with application-development processes reduce time, complexity, and cost
  • Learn best practices to deploy container-based CI/CD pipelines in Kubernetes
  • Explore how infrastructure specialists can play a role in developer automation, infrastructure-as-code, containerization, and CI/CD

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Build Your Private Cloud

Build a solid foundation for an enterprise-grade private cloud. In this track, learn how to: