Join us at Pure//Accelerate™ Digital 2020. Discover how Pure Storage® delivers always modern agile and intuitive infrastructure in an as-a-service model. We call it the Modern Data Experience. 

Pure Basecamp

The Modern Data Experience is about helping you use more of your data while reducing the complexity and expense behind managing it. Pure//Accelerate Digital Basecamp is designed to unveil the latest innovations and technologies to move your business forward with success and velocity. Discover the latest data management solutions that deliver the value of data consistently, quickly, and to every application and user that needs it, enabling confidence and heroism. 

Don’t-miss Sessions

  • Make sure to view “Driving Performance Meets Data Performance,” featuring the Mercedes AMG Formula 1 team. See how they’re improving racecar design and performance with Pure data services.
  • Check out “2020: The Tipping Point for Storage-as-a-Service” to learn how to take advantage of increased financial and operational flexibility with a true data utility service.
  • Tired of painful hardware and software refreshes that disrupt your business? Attend “Rethinking your Refresh” to discover non-disruptive ways to deliver an always-modern infrastructure.

Accelerate Core Applications

Are you seeking always-on, always-fast, always easy-to-manage data-management solutions for all your mission-critical applications and databases?  

Drive productivity and operational efficiencies—and eliminate under-performing workloads, costly downtime, slow response times, and complexity. Hear about the latest innovations and integrations for Microsoft and SAP that help you spend less time managing infrastructure and more time innovating. Find out how to operate under budget and how Pure makes it easier than ever to connect your workloads to the cloud. 

Don’t-miss Sessions

  • Discover the value of deep integration for Microsoft in “Managing SQL Server Using FlashArray™ Snapshots in SQL Server Management Studio.”
  • Learn about ways to improve SAP data management techniques in “SAP at Secure24 Maximizes Performance, Security, and ROI.”

Activate Real-Time Analytics

Is your ability to deliver insights bogged down by the need to collect and move data between ineffective data silos? 

In a data-rich world, leadership is determined by the enterprises that can analyze data the fastest. Pure accelerates modern analytics and AI workloads, delivering a powerful scale-out storage platform that delivers insights in real time. Pure’s modern data experience for analytics dramatically simplifies the complexities of siloed, legacy infrastructure. Learn how to accelerate insights and enable smarter business decisions while reducing cost and complexity of pipelines built on legacy storage.  

Find out how to give your data scientists the tools to analyze more log analytics and data warehouse data, faster and at scale. 

Don’t-miss Sessions

  • Tune in to “Best Practices for Splunk SmartStore” to understand how to leverage more data for improved search, query, and security.
  • Explore “Modern, Scalable Data Warehouses” to give your data scientists the tools to analyze more data, faster, with Vertica and Pure.

Enable Multicloud

The journey to a hybrid or multicloud environment can be difficult, but the right infrastructure choices can help you simplify this journey. 

Discover how you can implement solutions with cloud economics and mobility, whether private, hybrid, or cloud native. Pure unifies cloud to deliver effortless, private and public-cloud data and app mobility so you can run applications anywhere. Easily move workloads to and from clouds with a global data plane and management view to support all your digital initiatives.

Don’t-miss Sessions

  • Find out how to “Optimize Your VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) Hybrid Cloud” to understand how to simplify your VCF operations up to 10x while ramping up use of containers with VMs.
  • Watch “Demystify Kubernetes and Cloud Native Storage with VMware” and improve your acumen with on-Cloud Native Storage, vSphere Container Storage Interface, Kubernetes with vSphere and Tanzu.

Modernize Data Protection  

Nine out of 10 companies report that they’re not confident in their current data protection strategy, especially when it comes to the growing threat of ransomware. 

It’s time to say good-bye to siloed legacy solutions that don’t address the risks of today’s digital businesses and introduce your organization to modern data protection. Pure’s modern approach to data protection prevents disruptions to business operations, planned and unplanned.

Learn how Pure helps you tackle the biggest data-protection challenges facing your organization, including ransomware and disaster recovery by reducing risks to data availability and preventing disruptions to business operations.

Don’t-miss Sessions

  • Discover how to neutralize crippling ransomware attacks in “Protecting Your Backup Data from a Ransomware Attack.”
  • If you’re not satisfied with your current purpose-built backup alliance, check out “Five Ways FlashBlade™ Is Better Than Your Current Backup Storage.”