Have you ever sat in the audience of a major event keynote session and thought, “wouldn’t it be great if I could just fast-forward to the speaker who is covering what’s most important to me?” Our team designed Pure//Accelerate Digital so you could do just that.

Instead of digging through one monster 90-minute session, we’ve created a modular experience so you can build your own journey and jump to the speakers and topics most interesting to you. But don’t miss the “big picture” from Pure CEO Charlie Giancarlo.

Charlie started his remarks by expressing gratitude to those who are working to defeat the Covid-19 virus. We’re glad to see how we, as part of the technology industry, are able to help play a supporting role with our products and solutions.

The nature of business has changed dramatically—and perhaps, permanently—in a very short time. Addressing these changes requires remote capabilities at scale, greater automation and consolidation, and flexible economics and infrastructure.

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Regardless of industry, companies are re-evaluating their technology investments and priorities. Reducing cost and risk is critical in a changing environment. It’s important to provide simple, reliable solutions that provide opportunity and flexibility for maximum change in the future.

“Now is the right time to reconsider which products and which vendors have shown themselves to be flexible, reliable, and designed for the long-term success of your organization.” Charlie Giancarlo, CEO

Charlie outlined three imperatives for surviving and thriving in a crisis.

Secure Your Foundation and Focus on Flexibility. Beware of trade-offs. It’s important to deal with urgent situations without making short-term decisions that evolve into long-term costs. Business continuity is about more than surviving an event, it’s about having flexibility to respond rapidly to change.

Automate Everything and Elevate Human Efficiency. Human efficiency is eroded by two things: complexity and unreliability. Focus on what matters and quash the things that take up energy and focus. The most important factors now are human efficiency and infrastructure flexibility. Dollars per terabyte are still important, but not if you have to buy more terabytes than you actually need. Consider what it costs to radically modify storage consumption forecasts because of change in demand. Pure as a Service means that you only pay for the storage that you use, whether on prem or in the cloud.

The Status Quo Is No More, So Drive Your Future Vision. The rapid changes we have seen in the world over the past months provide an opportunity to do things differently, and more efficiently than most of us previously thought possible. Think about how much you learn—or have the opportunity to learn—when faced with unexpected circumstances. Cloud by definition is not a destination, it’s an operating model. The essence is straightforward: Optimize operations with automation. And cloud automation is an area where Pure excels.

“This crisis is your opportunity to refocus your organization to your desired future,” he says. “You can navigate this difficult present while laying the groundwork for your digital tomorrow—by driving efficiency, transitioning to self-service automation, and creating reliable infrastructure, you also free up the human and the financial capital to invest in a better platform for tomorrow.

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