We are thrilled to recognize the winners of the third annual Pure Storage Breakthrough Awards! 

Our customers are building a better world with data. From how we identify and treat diseases, to how we manufacture and ship goods, to how we drive sustainability in our buildings, on our farms, and across our planet—their innovations know no boundaries. 

Although we just unveiled our award recipients at Pure//Accelerate® 2023, their data strategies have long fueled powerful outcomes that impact the lives of ordinary citizens. In fact, many of us are probably, unknowingly, benefiting from them right now. That’s why it’s so important for us to recognize and celebrate this incredible intersection of technology and humanity. 

Here are this year’s winners.

Greatest of All Time (G.O.A.T.)

G.O.A.T.s use the Pure Storage portfolio of offerings in innovative ways to help their customers thrive. This year’s winners represent three different regions. 

G.O.A.T. North America – Centers for Disease Control (CDC)

The CDC runs its large, genomic sequencing data workloads on Pure Storage FlashBlade®. More than 100 arrays support a health detection and surveillance system that helps the CDC aid in the development of life-saving vaccines, improve food safety, and identify emerging pathogens—including COVID-19. Read the blog post to learn more about how the CDC uses Pure to accelerate its genetic sequencing workloads from days to minutes. 

G.O.A.T. EMEA – Scottish Government Agriculture and Rural Economy (ARE)

The Scottish Government Agriculture and Rural Economy (ARE) Directorate promotes sustainable economic growth in agriculture, the food industry, and in rural communities. As Pure’s first customer in Scotland, the Scottish Government ARE began its Pure Storage journey in 2015 with FlashArray™ in its primary data center and now uses Portworx® as a key pillar of its application development strategy. Read the blog post to learn more about how the organization uses Pure Storage to drive farming innovation. 

G.O.A.T. APJ – Nissan Australia 

Nissan’s Australian manufacturing plant produces a large range of electric vehicle components for models including the award-winning Leaf. Pure Storage FlashArray//X™ with ActiveCluster™ provides seamless failovers across two data centers to maintain constant uptime for manufacturing processes, while FlashBlade offers modern, efficient, and scalable S3 object storage. Read the blog post to learn more about how Nissan Australia uses Pure Storage to fuel the production of its most advanced vehicles.

Pure Good – Sustainability – Innovapost 

The Pure Good – Sustainability award recognizes organizations that are committed to a more sustainable way of operating. Innovapost, a Canadian IT shared services provider, uses FlashArray//XL, FlashStack®, and Evergreen//Forever™ to help bring Canada one step closer to its 2050 environmental goals. Read the blog post to learn more about how Innovapost uses Pure Storage to reduce its storage footprint and carbon emissions from its data center. 

Cloud Champion – Johnson Controls 

Cloud Champions support their organization’s cloud strategy with the Pure Storage Evergreen//One™ subscription service, Pure Cloud Block Store™, and/or Portworx offerings. Johnson Controls built a multi-cloud strategy using Portworx as its Kubernetes storage platform. Portworx supports Johnson Controls’ application development in the cloud, as well as its data recovery. Read the blog post to learn how Johnson Controls uses Pure Storage to help power the world’s smartest buildings.  

Data Warrior – Health 2030 Genome Center

Data Warriors demonstrate creativity in using data and technology to open new opportunities, drive breakthroughs, and support innovation. The Health 2030 Genome Center provides a platform to advance precision medicine. With FlashBlade via Evergreen//One, the Swiss genome sequencing and analysis center speeds DNA sequencing analysis tenfold. Read the blog post to learn more about how the Health 2030 Genome Center uses Pure Storage to accelerate time to diagnosis and improve patient lives.  

Change Maker – WiseTech Global 

Change Makers are leaders displaying excellence in driving digital transformation. WiseTech is helping its global customers embrace an end-to-end digital strategy to manage their logistics. Pure Storage FlashArray//C™, FlashArray//X, and FlashBlade, together with the Evergreen® subscription model, support a centralized logistics operations platform. Read the blog post to learn more about how WiseTech uses Pure Storage to keep goods flowing.