This blog was co-authored with Bikash Roy Choudhury

Pure Storage® and Snowflake have announced a partnership to develop a solution that increases data accessibility for global customers with on-premises data. The solution will enable customers to take advantage of Snowflake’s market-leading Data Cloud for analytics while maintaining control of their data. 

Snowflake Data Cloud delivers a platform for today’s organizations to unite siloed data, discover and securely share data, and execute diverse analytics workloads.

This joint solution with Pure and Snowflake is powered by FlashBlade®, the leader in high-performance AWS S3-based object storage. FlashBlade provides multi-dimensional performance—both high throughput and low latency, simplicity, and an easily scalable architecture for unstructured data workloads. FlashBlade Object Store has been deployed by many customers across industries for their analytics needs. FlashBlade can be deployed in customers’ data centers or at a co-location site that is close to Snowflake deployment regions. 

Customers leveraging this solution will benefit from:

  • Control of data: Many customers cannot move their data to the public cloud due to regulatory or compliance requirements. This solution enables customers to still use Snowflake Data Cloud capabilities without moving data wholesale to the cloud.
  • Accelerated time to insights: Eliminating the amount of time and resources spent migrating data to the cloud allows customers to take advantage of meaningful analytics.
  • Ability to share data: Enterprises can use Snowflake to analyze data directly stored on FlashBlade object storage, often eliminating the need to create separate copies of data to share with other tools or workflows.

Snowflake will connect to FlashBlade via a new capability: External tables’ support for external object storage. A high-level representation is provided in the figure below.


Figure 1: Example architecture for Amazon S3 and Snowflake with data stored on FlashBlade in a customer’s on-prem or colo environment. 

The solution will debut for public preview in the second half of 2022 and will launch subsequently after that. 

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