After years of supporting a number of global issues, in 2019, Pure Good Foundation officially made the environment one of two focus impact areas. Not only does this decision align with the products and business goals of Pure Storage, but it also supports the priorities of Pure’s global employees who have long been committed to doing good for our planet.

With no time to waste, the 2022 Environment & Sustainability Initiative will:

  • Donate $750K in grants to eligible non-profit organizations before July 1, 2022
  • Seek to educate Pure Storage’s global employee base and partners on actionable ways to make an impact in their communities
  • Bring awareness to methods of reversing existing damage to our planet

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Behind the Environment and Sustainability Initiative

The objective of the Environment & Sustainability Initiative is to catalyze innovative work being done across the globe to improve the health of our planet, with an emphasis on:

The recent increase in awareness of the global climate crisis has led many companies to step up their support for non-profit organizations in this space. To not duplicate efforts, we want to identify organizations that have yet to receive the type of support necessary to reach their full potential. True to our company’s roots of creating innovative solutions, Pure Good believes in championing environmental and sustainability non-profits that are approaching green solutions differently.

We want our funds to amplify work being done by those who are on the ground, making a difference in communities today.

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How to Apply for the Grant

To request a grant application, email All applications are due by March 4, 2022.