Transparency. If you’re reading this, you’ve lived through 2020… and through the heartbreak, uncertainty, unrest, and personal trials. If there was one thing we have all asked for and have been challenged to receive, it’s transparency and reasonable expectations. 

The lesson we’ve learned is the value of knowing what is really going on, and what we can do about it. Here’s what is going on at Pure Storage®. We have a solid mechanism to deliver services at stable costs to help you keep your business running and growing. We’d love to offer more to you personally, but this is something we can offer.

I’ve personally lived through COVID scares in my family, social upheavals, and the general uncertainty that comes from everything this year has delivered. In dealing with my family, it is uncertain from day to day who can visit my home, who can come home from university, and who must remain at a distance. It is frustrating making plans for the future without needed information.

The least we can do is offer some certainty about a handful of things related to your business.

Beginning today, Pure as-a-Service™ pricing is freely available via You’ll be able to see what our suggested retail price is for either on-premises or cloud-storage consumption moving forward. 

Of course, there are discounts and promotions that can reduce costs, but we’re all looking for a basic foundation and a level of transparency. Pure Storage is happy to provide that. We will also provide you with guidance, so you know what tiers of service are appropriate with no additional hidden costs. 

I’m at a loss for whether my daughter should come home for the holidays, but I know many of you are in the same situation. If we can offer a little bit of stability to the rest of your less important decisions, we’ll know we did our best to help.

Over and over, television advertisements represent our “uncertain times” and how our shared experience is “unprecedented.” That isn’t enough. It is time to draw a line in the sand and let people know that some things will remain the same, and there are measurements people can count on. I’m with you. There isn’t much transparency in our shared situation—but if we can provide a little help—we’re willing. We can make it through this together as long as we are honest with each other about how to deal with what happens next.

Estimate Your Pure as-a-Service Monthly Cost with the Pure as-a-Service Calculator.