Cisco and Pure Storage® have been partnering since 2015 to bring the benefits of FlashStack™ to customers with the help of our joint partners. It’s been almost a year since we first announced the proof of concept for Cisco Intersight integration with Pure Storage FlashArray™. I’m excited to see that we’re closer to making this available. This being the first third-party integration with Cisco Intersight!

Like any new product release, it’s critical to have a Beta program prior to general availability. Think of this as test driving a car before you decide to purchase. This provides you with the chance to try out the integration and get hands-on experience with Cisco Intersight. Meanwhile, product management at both Cisco and Pure obtain insightful feedback on functionality and aesthetics. It helps us identify additional capabilities to include to enhance the management of infrastructure components that make up FlashStack.

Cisco Intersight provides the capability for internal IT teams to monitor and alert on their FlashStack investment. It also lets you automate patch delivery and integrate Cisco TAC support to simplify end-to-end management.

This integration will open new active-management opportunities to orchestrate the deployment and ongoing operational infrastructure management. It uses a set of tasks that you can build into workflows based on a pre-defined methodology with the ability to customize based on your internal IT processes.

Join the Cisco Intersight Beta

As part of the beta process, existing customers with a Cisco Intersight Essentials Subscription can try out the new integration. The beta period will last 8 to 12 weeks. During this time, we’ll invite a select set of customers to provide feedback directly to Cisco’s product management team. They’ll use the feedback to enhance Intersight’s functionality and usability, then bring these exciting features along with Pure Storage integration into general availability.

If you haven’t subscribed to Cisco Intersight yet, sign up for an “all you can eat” 90-day free trial that provides Essentials-level access to try the integration. Head over to and select “Create an account” to get started!

Find Us at Cisco Live 

At Pure, we’re excited to bring this integration to our existing and future customers. We look forward to the general availability release of Intersight with Pure Storage as the first third-party storage integration.

Want to learn more? Join me at booth #1821 in the World of Solutions during Cisco Live!

I encourage you to attend the following sessions at Cisco Live if you want to learn more about Cisco Intersight.

Our joint development partners OneCloud are hosting an event that covers every aspect of Cisco Intersight on Monday and Wednesday at the Hilton San Diego Gaslamp Quarter during the show. Click for more information and to register:

If you’d like to find out more about Cisco Intersight and Pure Storage integration, I’ll be speaking in the Solutions Theater on Tuesday, June 11 at 2 pm. You can add my session to your schedule FlashStack Cloud-based Management with Cisco Intersight. Pure Storage is the first Storage vendor to be integrated with Cisco Intersight. In this session we will explore the functionality of that integration and demonstrate how providing active management orchestration of the full stack provides value to your business investment.

Cisco’s presentation from Eric Williams on Monday at 4 pm will dig into more about longer-range plans and roadmap for Intersight: Cisco Intersight Architecture and Operation.  Cisco Intersight is the key strategic direction for where Cisco is taking all UCS management in the future. This session will show the latest technical detail around the system operation, from the system itself and viewpoints of security, features, and near-term delivery roadmap. The session will also cover a directional element on longer-range plans. This session will be ideal for any technologist who works in infrastructure development and operations today to gain practical information to optimize their usage of a dynamic system like UCS and other adjacent products going forward.