Another sunny San Diego day at Cisco Live is in the books. My feet are questioning my sanity and my fingers have been typing pretty much non-stop since Sunday afternoon. If I hear it and it’s interesting, I tweet it. Luckily, there’s plenty of good material to share. So, here’s where you get it all in one place – in real paragraphs and everything.

Pure Storage® + Cisco Intersight

The Pure team had a busy day talking tech with attendees both in our booth and in sessions. Craig Waters presented in the Solutions Theater about the Pure integration with Cisco Intersight. Pure built the first-ever third-party integration into Cisco Intersight. It’s a device-connector manager that works as a VM to provide proxy configuration between Pure storage devices and Intersight. The integration takes the guesswork out of workflows. Pure has created workflows to automate the tasks you do to manage storage – and gives you the ability to create your own. Sound good? The “all-you-can-eat” beta program is open to all Cisco Intersight Essentials SaaS customers.

You can sign up for a 90-day evaluation without buying anything.

Cisco Live Technology keynote

For me, the best part of today’s keynote was Chuck Robbins’s emphasis on philanthropy. Cisco has incorporated service projects into the program at Cisco Live for several years, giving attendees the ability to spend time helping others. This year’s projects are centered on homelessness. It’s a problem throughout the US and particularly in the Silicon Valley, where both Cisco and Pure are headquartered. (Cisco produced a powerful video on the subject that’s definitely worth a watch.) I took time out of my day to help make blankets for people in the San Diego area, while others built nightstands or filled meal kits.

“The future responsibility of every organization on the planet is to help those in need.”
Chuck Robbins, Cisco

Granted, there wasn’t a ton of new information coming from Cisco at the show, but there were some good demonstrations of recent tech in this morning’s general session. The retail demo of the Meraki 360-degree camera was pretty slick, complete with digital tilt-pan-zoom. Add to that the ability to use VR to “go” to your store and see everything in a 3-D perspective and I suddenly want to open a candy store.

One of the big conversation topics overall is the change to the Cisco certification program. There’s a lot to that, so dig into more information in Susie Wee’s blog post.

Webex recognition demo

Amy Chang’s collaboration highlights showed the further evolution of Webex with what Cisco calls “cognitive collaboration.” Admittedly, the best part was the demo of the facial recognition – and the failure of the participants to trick the tech when they added sunglasses or, in Anders’s case, hair.

What’s up for Wednesday?

Stop by the booth any time during the World of Solutions to meet our team and ask ’em tough questions. In addition to our booth theater sessions (below), we’ll be hosting a networking “Hoppy Hour” from 2 pm to 4 pm at the Pure Storage patio adjacent to our booth. Hop on over! (Sorry, I had to say it.)

Booth theater lineup

10:15 am   Accelerating Your Data Pipeline with FlashStack™ for AI
11:00 am   Partner Presentation: Veeam
12:00 pm   Modernize Your SAP/SAP HANA Infrastructure with FlashStack
1:00 pm     Mind-Blowing Performance: Going Deeper into NVMe-oF & DirectFlash™ Fabric
1:30 pm     Cloud-based Intelligence + Management in the Data-Centric Era
2:00 pm     Partner Presentation: Cisco on FlashStack VSI and NDU Capabilities
3:00 pm     Partner Presentation: NVIDIA

Whatcha doing in September?

Join Pure Storage in Austin, Texas from September 15 to 18 for Pure // Accelerate™. You’re on the front lines. You know the potential of data. And you know that not all data is created equal. To build the most modern IT environments and get the greatest value, now is the time to go modern. Join us to chart your path.

Catch our daily wrap-up posts here on the Pure Storage blog to get our perspective on the show. Follow us on Twitter at  @purestorage and @techsnarketer to see what we’re up to and what’s interesting during the week. Until tomorrow, friends!

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