I’ve been bouncing around Cisco Live sessions and the World of Solutions since things started grooving on Monday morning. One constant: The Pure Storage™ booth has been a busy place. You’ll hear (or read) no complaints from me! Our team has been busy talking about our products with all sorts of people from all sorts of companies. (And trust me, Pure peeps like to talk about our technology).

We came to this year’s event to share all the ways Pure technology can help you improve your use of data. Whether it’s optimizing your production environment, accelerating your AI data pipeline, or empowering DevOps, we’re focused on helping you make it happen. Come visit us before the World of Solutions closes at 1 pm on Thursday to learn about our Evergreen™ business model and our products, including:

See how FlashStack works for BDO Australia, one of the world’s leading accountancy and business advisory organizations. BDO Australia needed the right partner to help it stay at the forefront of innovation for both its clients and employees. See how FlashStack helped expand their value-add by incorporating new technology and efficiencies.

Getting beyond technology at Cisco Live

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about Pure since joining earlier this year, is that we’re about more than just technology and the color orange. We’re also serious about making a positive difference in the world around us. Our CEO Charlie Giancarlo recently participated in Fortune’s CEO Initiative video series to talk about how companies need to play a role in their communities. Watch the video on LinkedIn.

Cisco created a Leadership & Equality program as part of the Cisco Live agenda. Since there weren’t general-session keynotes today, I took the opportunity to attend two of the Leadership & Equality program sessions. And it was well worth my time. Both speakers talked about what companies can do better as well as the importance of personal growth.

Social Consciousness and Growth: A Powerful Combination
Tiffani Bova from Salesforce talked about how social consciousness and customer experience have become important elements of a company’s brand. Along the way, you have to create an employee environment that makes people want to work for your organization. And customers are more willing to work with companies that have a social conscience that they agree with.

“Do something different. Be uncomfortable. Whatever decision you make – be bold. It’s OK if you fail.” Tiffani Bova

Understanding Diversity and Unconscious Bias in the Workplace
When Diaz Dixon of Purpose Driven Consulting started his presentation, one of his first statements was “When I came up on this stage, there are assumptions you made about me, and you don’t even know who I am.” It was a great way to start a talk about unconscious bias.

He explained how our biases develop over our lifetimes based on our personal experiences and the stories we create for ourselves. And bias isn’t good or bad. It’s how bias influences our decisions that make a difference. People tend to be positively biased toward people who look like them or belong to the same group, so they tend to give them more leeway or overlook negative elements. He had great advice for overcoming bias. When you recognize a bias in your own thought or action, evaluate it. Where does it come from and how does it affect the way you interact with others?

“Bias is part of the software of our mind. With any software, there are bugs.”

Thank you!

Thanks for coming along for the Cisco Live ride with me through the blog and social media. I’ll wrap up this afternoon with details from today’s last sessions. In the meantime, if you missed them, here are my previous posts from the week:

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The backbone of corporate growth is personal growth.


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