Cisco Chairman and CEO Chuck Robbins kicked off the Cisco Live keynote with perspective and energy. This is the 30th year of Cisco Live. One amusing stat: More people at this year’s event were born after 1989 than there were total attendees at the first event (150). And… now I feel old.

“Data is one of the most critical assets you have.”
—Chuck Robbins, Cisco

At Pure, we’re all about data, so some of Chuck’s comments definitely resonated. It’s not just the data, but how you use the data. “You are building and delivering more applications to your organization than you ever did before,” he explained. No disagreement here. So, here’s the question: Are you getting the most from your data and applications? That’s where we at Pure come in.

There weren’t any earth-shattering revelations at today’s keynote, but the energy was high. There was a strong focus on enterprise networking and the maturation of Cisco’s “intent-based networking” concept. Definite progress on all fronts.

In the afternoon, Pure’s Ramnath Sagar and Cisco’s Vikas Ratna presented in the Think Tank about FlashStack™ for AI, our joint end-to-end AI pipeline solution. Because it’s a pre-validated infrastructure design, we’ve taken the guesswork out of configuration—lowering deployment challenges, complexity, and risk. The combination of Cisco and Pure definitely makes a difference. “Reading the metadata for 3.25 million files takes about 20 minutes with regular tools, but about 10 seconds with Pure Tools,” Ramnath explained in his talk.

On tap for Tuesday

Come talk to the crew at Pure Storage in booth 1821 if you’re looking for ways to accelerate your AI data pipeline. With Pure solutions, you can easily adopt AI/ML without re-architecting the data center. Deploying the right AI/ML infrastructure lets you accelerate discoveries and insights. And it’s hard to argue with better scalability and reduced deployment risk. Check out FlashStack for AI and Pure FlashBlade™, which consolidates complex data silos to optimize infrastructure, which helps you accelerate discoveries and insights.

And at 2 pm, join us at the Solutions Theater in World of Solutions for “FlashStack Cloud-based Management with Cisco Intersight.” Pure Storage is the first storage vendor to be integrated with Cisco Intersight. Pure’s Craig Waters and Cisco’s Gautham Ravi will explore the functionality and show how providing active management orchestration of the full stack provides value for your business investment. Learn more about our work with Intersight at the presentation and in Craig’s recent post “Cisco Intersight Integration Update.”

Tuesday in the booth

12:15 pm   When Downtime Costs Revenue: Mission-Critical Apps on FlashStack
1:00 pm     Partner Presentation: Cisco on FlashStack AI Solutions
2:00 pm     See us in the Solutions Theater!
2:30 pm     Partner Presentation: Commvault

A few notes about San Diego and baseball

San Diego Convention Center in June is a pretty amazing place for a conference. After several years bouncing between Orlando and Las Vegas, it’s nice to be in a location where you can go outside without melting into the asphalt. Meals are outdoors with live music. The convention center backs up to the bay. You’ll hear no complaints from me!

Speaking of San Diego, there’s a professional baseball team here that also just happens to be super tech-savvy. The sales staff of the San Diego Padres uses FlashStack to maintain uninterrupted access to critical customer data. The baseball operations and business intelligence units have seen multiple benefits from the implementation, including:

  • Handles multiple workloads concurrently with no performance degradation.
  • Up to 98% reduction in latencies for key database applications
  • Cut nightly database backup time from 8 hours to 2 hours
  • Boost in storage efficiency from a 4:1 data reduction
  • Capacity to support new applications

“Instead of being an old-style break/fix department, we are a full-service shop,” according to Ray Chan, vice president of IT  for the Padres. “We are a solutions provider and a partner to all the different business units — baseball operations, sales, and all the non-baseball events that take place at Petco Park.”

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