The Pure Good Foundation was established in late 2015 with the mission to accelerate positive change by harnessing the power of people, technology, and community to uplift communities through education-based initiatives.

In 2017, the Foundation supported 50 nonprofits; Pure employees have volunteered more than 21,450 hours of time to these organizations. Pure Good strives to create an environment for employees to not only give back, but also to connect and work as a team.

To weave collaboration and team building throughout the Foundation, the organization established Global Interest Grants, allowing employees around the globe to team up and get involved with projects they are passionate about. A prime example of this was achieved by more than 30 employees from EMEA, who banned together to raise money for Action Medical Research and rode more than 300 miles from Paris to Geneva. Action Medical Research funds research to beat the diseases that devastate the lives of children, including cancer, congenital heart disease and cerebral palsy among many others.

Locally, Pure Good organized a playground build via Kaboom! in Redwood City, built bikes for Turning Wheels for Kids – which provides bikes to low income children, as well as volunteering at local middle schools to encourage students in areas where they need extra support.

Pure Good also strives to have an impact on changing outcomes for young people around the world. The organization launched Pureservice4Good with Team4Tech that sends volunteers across the globe to participate in immersive service projects focused on implementing technology tools into the classroom that will have a lasting impact on their educational experience and success. Puritans also recently banned together to raise more than $200K for Orphan Impact, a non-profit that partners with orphanages throughout Vietnam to provide technology tools and computer training to the children in the orphanages. These technology resources support their educational efforts while they are in the orphanage and help them prepare for life after the orphanage. Additionally, these funds raised by Pure employees will support an Innovation Lab in Ho Chi Minh City for Orphan Impact opening in the fall of 2018.

The Foundation gives Puritans a place to give back and see the impact of volunteering their time and expertise. The leader behind Pure Good, who has helped drive these projects is Nicole Johnson, Executive Director of the Pure Good Foundation! She is an innovator in the nonprofit world and is always thinking of new ways the Foundation and Pure’s employees can help make the world a better place. She was recently recognized for these efforts by the 2018 Corporate Responsibility Impact Awards Committee, who awarded Nicole with the Emerging Practitioner of the Year award.

We hope to make an even greater impact in the future, both locally as well as all over the world and have plans to do even more with the help of Pure employees! There are numerous opportunities for Puritans to make a difference, so please visit the Pure Good page to learn more, and as we like to say, GO DO GOOD!