This blog on Pure Storage being named A Leader for Primary Storage was co-authored by Shawn Hansen, Vice President and General Manager of FlashArray, and Prakash Darji, Vice President and General Manager, Digital Experience.

Gartner® has once again recognized Pure Storage as A Leader, and we couldn’t be prouder. 

  • Pure Storage was positioned highest for Ability to Execute and furthest for Completeness of Vision for the fourth year in a row in the 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Primary Storage. 
  • This is also the 10th consecutive year that Pure Storage has been named A Leader. 

For a company that’s 14 years old, it’s a track record we’re proud of. And the picture says it all.

magic quadrant

But that’s not all. It’s also the first time, in our placement in the Gartner® Magic Quadrant™, that we received this position not only based on the merits of FlashArray™, but also the Evergreen® Platform and our Pure1® software that drives co-innovation across our entire portfolio. We are truly a platform, not just a product, and the world is recognizing it.

Magic Quadrant

This Year, 10 Is Pure’s Magic Number

A decade ago, customers needed giant arrays stretching across multiple racks for the kind of problems they solved with our early FlashArray systems. Mega arrays were able to shrink from 77 rack units to 12 with the introduction of FlashArray. Today, that same FlashArray from 2014 has 10 times its original storage capacity in just three rack units. 

In recognition of our 10th year as A Leader, we’re sharing our top 10 accomplishments from the past year: 

  1. FlashArray SafeMode™ Auto-on—FlashArray SafeMode launched to ensure that all customers have access to better data security in the ever-increasing landscape of cyber threats. SafeMode does this by using immutable snapshots to protect data from attackers. Now, SafeMode is enabled by default without the need for manual intervention or snapshot scheduling. 
  2. FlashArray//E™ Launched—The era of disk is officially over. With up to 4PB of all-flash storage in 6U of rack space, FlashArray//E eliminates the need for slow, power-hungry disk-based archives. FlashArray//E operates with the same unified block and file architecture as FlashArray to streamline management and operations and is also a perfect complement to our FlashBlade® family providing unified file and object.
  3. Expanded Strategic Partnership with MicrosoftWe’re accelerating enterprise cloud adoption by bringing Pure’s premium enterprise storage features and cost optimization to Microsoft Azure with Pure Cloud Block Store™. Pure Cloud Block Store is now the first supported external block storage option for a VMware hyperscale cloud offering, adding the enterprise data services and cost-effective scalability that VMware customers demand to the Microsoft Azure cloud.  
  4. Next Generation of FlashArray HardwareThe biggest FlashArray performance gains in history with the 4th generation of FlashArray//X™ and FlashArray//C™ were launched to deliver up to 40% higher performance, 30% more inline compression to stretch storage capacity, and new ransomware protection capabilities.
  5. The First and Only Native, Unified Block and File Platform delivers the flexibility and efficiency long promised by unified block and file storage arrays that legacy block and file solutions failed to deliver—unlimited file system size, global storage pools with global dedupe, and managed directories.
  6. FlashArray ActiveWorkload Launched—ActiveWorkload brings non-disruptive workload migrations to FlashArray. Move any workload seamlessly, including BC/DR, migration to new hardware, or application consolidation. ActiveWorkload takes advantage of Pure’s renowned simplicity and abstracts away the complexity of synchronous replication to give customers a simple, easy-to-use solution that requires no additional licensing.
  7. The Market’s First-ever Energy Efficiency SLA—Pure’s Evergreen//One™ Storage-as-a-Service (STaaS) offering provides best in the industry performance, availability, and capacity SLAs helping customers unlock innovation and operational agility while offering predictable consumption-based pricing. This year, Pure enhanced its Evergreen//One subscription by adding the Evergreen//One Energy Efficiency SLA guaranteeing watt per tebibyte for our customers for total transparency into energy usage.
  8. The Evergreen//One Ransomware Recovery SLAa first-of-its-kind ransomware recovery SLA guaranteeing a clean primary storage environment following an attack. Powered by SafeMode and offered as an add-on to Evergreen//One, this SLA is all about delivering on our promise of resiliency and rapid recovery, plus advanced Pure AIOps security capabilities that empower customers to be proactive and alert.
  9. Pure1 EnhancementsPure1 keeps getting better, too—with new features over the last year including enhanced asset and subscription lifecycle management, improved SafeMode management, anomaly detection, self-service FlashArray upgrades, a brand new mobile app, and new Sustainability and Data Protection Assessments.
  10. Non-disruptive, In-place Upgrades ForeverPure Storage customers get continuous innovation, without the extra cost or disruption of forklift upgrades. Non-disruptive Upgrades (NDUs) empower customers to extend the life of their existing fleet and take advantage of the latest technology Pure Storage has to offer through Pure Storage’s Evergreen subscription offerings, uniquely enabling FlashArray systems to have their hardware components and controllers upgraded in-place and non-disruptively. 

Why Customers Choose Pure Storage

None of these innovations would be possible without the trust and loyalty of our customers. This is reflected by our latest Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 81.4, which is over 20 points higher than the average NPS for technology companies. Our customers’ triumphs do more to showcase how our ongoing innovations increase agility and resilience than we ever could:

“We’re always looking to use technology and innovation to deliver services securely and more cost-effectively for our clients. Pure Storage’s technologies not only provide the dependable foundation Dentons UKIME needs to deliver meaningful services for clients today, but the flexible storage infrastructure needed to match our long-term growth and sustainability ambitions now and in the future.”  –Paul Thurston, CIO, Dentons UKIME

In the last year, we helped Dentons, the world’s largest law firm, pull off rapid global expansion, drive sustainable business practices, and provide comprehensive data security for its growing roster of diverse clients. 

“Pure Storage provides EVG with a strong base to develop and implement new and innovative technologies such as containers and AI that support our competitive differentiation in the market. Overall, Pure Storage makes our entire storage infrastructure easy to manage while enabling unrivaled security, energy efficiency, and scalability. –Josef Buttinger, Corporate IT & Security Manager, EV Group

Powered by FlashArray, Evergreen//One, and Pure1, EV Group, a leading provider in the semiconductor industry, was able to bring new solutions to market faster to compete on a global scale. Our AI-driven platform reduced administrative time while our tech improved efficiency and sustainability.

“Pure Storage provides the powerful, reliable storage we need to scale. Evergreen enables us to drive continuous improvements while building new, innovative solutions that we can bring to market.” Ajit Sharma, Business Optimisation Manager, Virgin Media O2

Virgin Media O2, one of the UK’s largest entertainment and telecommunications operators, eliminated customer outages, reduced time to valuable analytics, and achieved power reduction of 96% to support the company’s drive to hit carbon-zero by 2030. 

Thank You for an Incredible Year—More Awaits in 2024

2023 has been a banner year for Pure Storage and has showcased our relentless pursuit of radical innovation. We unveiled next-gen technology and portfolio enhancements that spell the end of disk and will define the all-flash data center of the future. Stay tuned for plenty more in 2023 and beyond! 

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