Pure Storage® is sponsoring the Customer Experience track at the upcoming SAP Sapphire event. But what’s the connection between storage and customer experience?

Data Hypergrowth

Think about it this way: The last decade’s explosion of data is one of the main factors driving the growth of IT infrastructure. IDC considers the growth of the global datasphere to be a primary characteristic that defines the IT industry. According to IDC’s Global DataSphere Forecast, more than 59 zettabytes (ZB) of data will be created, captured, copied, and consumed in the world this year. And that number will grow to 175ZB by 2025.

Source: IDC Global DataSphere Forecast

The amount of data created over the next three years will be more than the data created over the past 30 years, and the world will create more than three times the data over the next five years than it did in the previous five.IDC, Global DataSphere Forecast

  • How do you control this flood of data?
  • How do you capture all of it?
  • How do you manage all of it?
  • What do you keep?
  • What do you ignore?
  • How do you protect it?
  • And how do you serve it up as insights to your clients?

In every case, the answer depends on having storage that can deliver a Modern Data Experience™.

Storage Dictates Customer Experience

In our data-drenched world, storage isn’t a commodity nor something you can afford to take for granted. Storage delivers, manages, and protects the most strategic asset in your company: information. A Modern Data Experience requires storage that works for you. To paraphrase Mr. McNeely’s famous catchphrase: “Storage is the new computer.”

So it’s not a stretch to say that storage plays a major role in customer experience. The wrong solution can be frustrating and expensive for your organization. Or, with the right solution, storage can be easy to use, simplify data access and management, and contribute to your business objectives.

How Can Pure Storage Enhance Your SAP Landscape?

These are some of the simple ways Pure Storage supports a better SAP customer experience:

  • Evergreen™ Program : Enjoy “no fuss, no muss” non-disruptive upgrades. Never worry about the right rev levels or having to pause mission-critical SAP production operations for needed upgrades. Evergreen Storage subscription model offers seamless, rapid upgrades and expansion, without disruption.
  • Pure as-a-Service: Access all the storage capacity you need, when you need it, where you need it (on-prem or in the cloud). You’ll appreciate the agility and freedom Pure as-a-Service offers while your CIO and CFO will enjoy the economic value it delivers.
  • Purity ActiveCluster™ and Snapshots: We have your back with always-on data replication for simple, automated backup, restore, and rapid recovery. ActiveCluster eliminates the cost and complexity associated with business continuity and disaster recovery. Unlike other storage platforms, Pure snapshots are unlimited, so you’re not forced to make trade-offs between buying more backup capacity and ensuring adequate data safeguards.
  • Ransomware remediation: You have got enough to worry about to meet SLAs, troubleshoot apps, and lower TCO. We make sure you have the latest up-to-date detection and protection to keep your company safe from the new breed of data pirates. Backups safeguard critical data against common scenarios like disasters, data corruption, or accidental deletion. Ransomware can stress existing data protection infrastructure even more. SafeMode™ Snapshots offer additional protection, providing immutability to protect data backups from ransomware attacks.
  • FlashStack®: This full-stack reference architecture with joint Cisco Validated Designs for HANA simplifies deployment of SAP landscapes on-prem and in the cloud. FlashStack takes the guesswork out of sizing and installation, guarantees “green lights,” and allows you to manage the whole enchilada—storage, network, and compute—from a single integrated interface. Throw Cisco AppDynamics on top of FlashStack, and you can add ABAP-aware, SAP application monitoring to the integrated management interface. Simplify operations so you can innovate.
  • DirectMemory™ Cache: Running everything in-memory guarantees fast performance, but it’s inherently expensive. What if you could take significant costs out of your HANA environment, without sacrificing the performance that makes HANA so attractive in the first place? We’ve worked with Intel and SAP to pioneer the use of Intel Optane SSD with HANA Native Storage Extension (NSE). Pure’s DirectMemory Cache solution allows you to move up to 80% of your HANA warm data out of memory without introducing the latency typically associated with data tiering. Meet your SLAs and speed up analytics while reducing TCO.
  • Hybrid-cloud simplicity: Is there an easier way to manage far-flung SAP data across hybrid physical and logistical landscapes? Pure cloud data services deliver seamless mobility with consistent storage services, resilience, and APIs across your hybrid-cloud environment. We make it look the same and work the same, so you can manage and move data in the same way—regardless of where you store your SAP data. Demystify your SAP hybrid-cloud journey with a single, consistent platform.
  • Professional and Support Services: Services are an important part of customer experience. They’re the main interaction most users and administrators have with their vendors. It’s no surprise that a vendor’s customer satisfaction ratings usually align directly with the responsiveness of its customer support and services. So how is Pure doing? Our customers consistently award us a record-high NPS score because we “walk the talk.” Year in and year out, Pure delivers the industry’s leading customer support powered by AI, plus a full suite of professional services, and our community-supported Pure Professional Education and Knowledge programs.

Pure has an Owen CX certified score of 83.5, which is in the top 1% of industry B2B scores.

We’re ready to support your organization’s success and make sure your experience is exceptional.

Learn More at SAP Sapphire

Here are three ways to learn more about how you can enhance your SAP experience with Pure:

  • Driving Customer Breakthroughs with a Modern Data Experience”

    June 9 at 12:45pm PT: Data fuels customer-centric business transformations. One of the industry’s renowned CX thought leaders, Jason Rose, CMO at Pure Storage, and former CMO, SAP Customer Experience, shares his thoughts on how a modern, intelligent enterprise must be sustainable and simple to maximize customer breakthroughs.
  • Stop by our virtual booth at Sapphire June 7–8.
  • Download IDC’s white paper and see what SAP users said about the advantages they achieve by running Pure Storage.