Pure Storage’s largest contribution and impact in the world of ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) is helping our customers achieve their environmental sustainability goals.  Pure Storage empowers innovators to protect, manage, and benefit from their data with the most efficient data storage technology in the market. And, as we progress on our own ESG journey, Pure Storage is proud to share our 2023 ESG Report. 

This report brings visibility to our initiatives and results, as well as our year-over-year progress on the environmental, social, and governance issues of greatest impact to our business and stakeholders.

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Marching toward a Future without Disk

While our product and technology leadership and world-class customer service remain the primary reasons why customers select Pure Storage, the sustainability effects of our products continue to grow in importance. 

Pure Storage currently enables organizations to drive out direct carbon usage in their data storage systems by up to 80% when compared to competitive offerings and even more when replacing hard disk solutions. Our flash-optimized systems generally use between two times and five times less power than competitive SSD-based systems and between five times and 10 times less power than the hard disk systems we replace. 

Businesses and organizations who replace hard disk storage are seeing the immediate benefits—reduced total data center power utilization, data center space, e-waste, plus reduced labor costs and increased reliability. 

This is a significant contribution to a more sustainable future and a huge step forward into a world without disk.

What You’ll Find in This Year’s Report

Our ESG Report 2023 provides a comprehensive update on our progress and commitments across our technology, operations, and people. We’ve also expanded our disclosures in relation to our ESG priorities, as assessed in 2021, with the greatest focus on our Tier 1 priorities issues:  

  • Data security and privacy
  • Energy, emissions, and climate resilience
  • Ethical business practices
  • Talent acquisition, retention, and development
  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion 

We’ll periodically refresh our prioritization as ESG and technology continue to progress and evolve. This will inform our strategy, investments, and disclosures to ensure we continue to align with the areas of greatest impact, as well as help identify leadership opportunities and potential gaps.

I want to note that our progress on ESG is only  possible thanks to our more than 5,000 global employees. Our people strategy is rooted in helping our diverse and talented employees deliver strong business results while also fostering a culture that enables each employee to enhance their skills, accelerate their development, and serve their communities. This year’s report shares exciting results from programs Pure Storage has piloted in leadership, diversity, and philanthropy. 

To meet the needs of our customers and achieve our ESG goals and objectives, we continue to enhance the sustainability of our own operations and that of our global supply chain. 

We’re just getting started.

Looking Ahead

Our environmental performance today is just one of many reasons why so many customers believe that Pure Storage is the best choice to meet their business challenges. In addition to sharing our progress as of FY23, we’ve added a Future Forward section to each chapter of the report to provide highlights of our plans and commitments for FY24.  Learn more about these and other commitments in the report.