Pure Storage® is excited to be showcasing solutions with Microsoft at the Dallas MTC. This is in addition to our presence at the Paris MTC.

Microsoft Technology Center

How important is selecting the right storage when running Microsoft applications? HUGE!

For instance, I’m sure many of you are running Microsoft SQL Server or Exchange. Using Pure Storage all-flash arrays dramatically simplifies running these apps. This translates into increased performance and speeding up your business in terms of transactional, reporting, or analytics while streamlining administration and improving productivity. You can even consolidate your applications on a Pure FlashArray//m storage array to eliminate storage silos typically required by traditional spinning disk-based storage architectures. With Pure you can expect sub-millisecond latency, 3-5x better transactional throughput, and dramatically simpler operations with lower TCO.

Looking for a hybrid cloud solution? If you’re considering Microsoft Azure for the flexibility of scale and on-demand cloud compute, but want to maintain the security, control and privacy of your data, you can turn to the Pure and Microsoft. With Pure Storage Open Connect with Microsoft Azure, you can automate connectivity and configuration of your hybrid cloud solution through any cloud exchange provider or on-premises in your own data center.

How Mutual Customers Run and Benefit from Microsoft on Pure Storage

Riverview Health, for instance, was able to increase IOPS for the SQL Server database supporting their EHR system by 50 percent, while peak transactions per second tripled. More examples of customer success can be found here.

“Our search for the ideal end-to-end flash-based storage solution led us to the Pure Storage FlashArray to support our business critical Microsoft SQL Server environment. The dramatic improvement in the performance of database applications provided by the FlashArray has increased the speed of accessing patient data and enhanced the quality of service that doctors provide to each patient. This is why we trust Pure Storage with Microsoft to run our most important and performance-intensive resources.” —Jason Pearce, Director of Information Systems Infrastructure, Riverview Health