No one in IT operations should be missing out on VMworld 2020 because it’s free, takes place virtually, and offers a mix of live and on-demand sessions. Simply register now and you can build out your schedule from the wide selection of sessions under various learning tracks, ranging from Multicloud and Intrinsic Security to App Modernization.

Since VMworld 2020 is virtual, we won’t have to jump on a plane and log thousands of steps per day going from one end of a convention center to another. I won’t miss that. However, I will miss having direct, in-person interaction with VMware subject matter experts following a session (although you can schedule time to meet our experts one on one), reconnecting and trading tchotchkes with colleagues for the rugrats back home, and going to the legendary Veeam parties.

Instead of setting up travel and lodging plans, I started building out my VMworld schedule a few weeks ago and found that several live sessions were already full. One of the benefits of this new digital age we’re in is that all seven of the Pure Storage® VMworld sessions will be on-demand, so you don’t have to worry about limited access. Our amazing squad of experts includes two VMworld Distinguished Speakers, Cody Hosterman and David Stamen, as well as Bikash Roy Choudhury and Jon Owings.

You might be wondering if I’m signing up for any of our sessions. Absolutely! One session I’m really excited about is “Hybrid Cloud Kubernetes with vSphere & Pure Storage Cloud Block Store.” With so much interest in containers at the moment, this session will walk you through how Pure Storage integrates with VMware Tanzu for smart provisioning and elastic scaling, plus how to extend containers to Amazon Web Services.

I’m getting back into hands-on activities with vSphere and looking forward to getting my team’s vSphere 7 lab up and running with vVols and learning about storage policy-based management. There are several new storage features with vSphere 7, so I’ll be tuning into the session with VMware’s Jason Massae: “Core Storage Best Practice Deep Dive.” It’s a joint session but completely vendor-neutral and focuses on getting the most out of your VMware deployment and avoiding pitfalls.

Be sure to catch my Pure Storage colleagues in the following VMworld breakout sessions:

Hybrid Cloud Kubernetes with vSphere & Pure Storage Cloud Block Store at VMworld

Session: HCP2891S | Level: Technical 200 Provide persistent storage for containerized workflows across the hybrid cloud with data mobility. Understand how Pure FlashArray™ integrates to provide storage for Tanzu Kubernetes Grid and how Pure Cloud Block Store™ integrates with Pure Service Orchestrator™ for AWS-hosted Kubernetes.

Automating VMware Management of Your Pure Storage FlashArray

Session: HCP2196 | Level: Technical 200 Managing today’s infrastructure often requires more familiarity across a larger complement of infrastructure. Solutions that are simple and integrated are a key differentiator that helps administrators accomplish tasks quickly, easily, and consistently, allowing them to achieve their goals successfully. Attend this session to learn more about how Pure Storage extends the simplicity and ease of storage management and application flexibility up to the stack to VMware administrators with integrations for provisioning and management.

Better Together: Site Recovery Manager with Virtual Volumes

Session: HCI1455 | Level: Technical 200 Site Recovery Manager 8.3 enables customers to manage vSphere Virtual Volumes array-based replication with VMware’s storage policy-based management, and easily orchestrate the recovery and migration of applications. Learn about advanced replication and storage policy capabilities of Pure Storage.

Core Storage Best Practice Deep Dive: Configuring the New Storage Features

Session: HCI1691 | Level: Technical 300 With all the numerous storage arrays and connectivity protocols available today, it’s important to know configuration best practices. New core storage features were released with VMware vSphere 7, and setting them up correctly is critical to optimum performance and resilience. We will review new and commonly used features and the best configuration practices.

Modernize and Optimize ML/AI/HPC Applications with Tanzu Kubernetes Grid

Session: HCP1545 | Level: Technical 300 Most machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), and high-performance computing (HPC) apps run on static bare-metal environments, lacking agility and efficiency. If you want to run in hybrid-cloud environments, VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid can help modernize these legacy workloads and shorten the path to innovation.

vSphere Cloud Native Storage with Virtual Volumes and SPBM: Better Together

Session: HCI2089 | Level: Technical 300 VMware joining the Kubernetes bandwagon with a cloud-native storage solution has put steady focus on extending support for external storage with VMware vSphere vVols and software policy-based management, plus continued support for VMware vSAN.

vSphere Virtual Volumes: Modernize Your External Storage

Session: HCI1692 | Level: Technical 200 If you’re new to vVols, this session is for you. It will go from level 100 to 200 and show you how vVols can modernize your external storage in your virtual environment. See how vVols work and can reduce operation overhead, as well as allow greater scale, and help you escape managing LUNS and volumes.

This is part one of a three-part series on VMworld 2020. Check back as I recap the first two days and close out with final thoughts. Register now and join us!

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