Everybody knows the old saying “Nobody ever got fired for buying x.” It’s the ultimate one-liner on traditional IT choices. For so long, customers lived by this adage as they selected vendors and partners, oftentimes waiting a long time to adopt technologies until the risk was perceived to be low enough to jump in. The “safe bet” was defined as a vendor that was viable because it had been around for a long time. Those days are gone and we’re all a lot more competitive because of it. We hear constantly from customers that the speed of business has changed and innovation isn’t a nice-to-have anymore—it’s a fundamental requirement for survival. 

The safest play in this environment is to go with the most innovative partners, the ones who are investing most in product development, the ones who have focused their platforms on future capabilities—not the ones harvesting cash from old product lines. The old way was rooted in the past and the new way is steadfastly looking to the future as its core orientation. Pure Storage® is one of those companies redefining the meaning of the safe choice from “the companies I’ve known for decades past” to “the companies I want to work with decades into the future.”

We deliver a modern data experience to our customers. Unlike legacy infrastructure vendors, Pure’s storage-as-a-service approach enables customers to utilize more of their data, while reducing the complexity and expense of managing the infrastructure behind it. Customers want services that grow and change as they do. We have heard loud and clear that ease-of-use, interoperability, and a clear upgrade path drive long-term strategic relevance. The experience over the long term is a critical factor to customer success.

Don’t Take Our Word for It,
Hear from the Market

Our growth isn’t the only contrast with old-line companies that are flat or shrinking. It’s the approach that feeds our customers’ ability to continually move forward. While old vendors are challenging customers with product-line consolidation and disruptive upgrades to different products with dead-end futures, Pure’s customers reap the benefit of our Evergreen™ experience with our continuous expansion of new capabilities and services. 

We created the Evergreen model to revolutionize the storage ownership experience by delivering value on customers’ storage investments through generations of performance improvements and non-disruptive upgrades. 

Hear what our customers have to say: 

  • Pure as-a-Service [formerly ES2] changed the cost-only conversation to a more strategic and flexible partnership with Pure. Pure as-a-Service quickly sold itself as management realized two major pain points (unpredictable data growth and changing business SLAs) could both be taken care of with Pure’s solution—all while keeping costs down and showing the business a path to hybrid cloud deployment. 
  • The ability of Pure as-a-Service to meet SLAs and be current five years from now was a huge operational advantage to the team. As our data footprint continues to grow, headcount has remained flat thanks to Pure.
  • Pure as-a-Service is the perfect fit. It offers less infrastructure procurement hassle and monthly bill with on-demand capabilities. Another feature is public-cloud-type consumption, capacity, and performance planning, but in your own DC.

Customers like these have realized that our Pure as-a-Service model empowers them to utilize our technology on-premises today, while also preserving future flexibility for where and how they will architect their data strategy going forward. As organizations grow, they can upgrade and expand their storage as needed: All upgrades are made without any downtime, performance impact, or data migrations. Forklift upgrades are eliminated. 

With this approach, our Pure as-a-Service model allows customers to pay only for what they use, which has proven especially beneficial for those trying to figure out how to increase their agility, time to innovation, and better align expenses with revenues.  

At our Accelerate conference this week, we will announce ground-breaking portfolio additions and future innovations as part of our strategy for the next decade. Learn more about Accelerate.

Our industry-leading customer satisfaction, our Evergreen ownership model, and our expanding suite of solutions are only a few of the many reasons that customers view Pure as not just the safe choice, but the preferred choice. This fundamental shift from the old way of thinking to a new definition of the “safe choice” is well underway and we’re not slowing down anytime soon.